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Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 5/6/24

This period marks a significant shift in the cryptocurrency industry, with the departure of influential figures who once seemed invincible. The landscape is evolving,...

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (4/22/24)

Ah, the memories... VC funding continues downward, with deal activity reminiscent of 2017. One can speculate about Fintech rebounding again, as it...

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (4/15/24)

Green means GO! Q1 '24 data is in, and late-stage startups attracted more VC funding than juniors. Spending is up (finally) while...

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/8/24)

Are end-to-end solutions the future of finance? That may (seem to be) the case, with collaborations and integrations hinting at improved consumer access. That said, regulators...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 4/8/24

Industry maturity (a rare occurrence) unfolded with the sector getting into gear. Institutional players dictated the pace of events. Only time will tell how far...

DWN Publisher Notes For 3/27/24

Friends, my AI-generated March Madness bracket is FLAILING! My husband is ranking well ahead of me in our charity pool and GLOATING over it! Meanwhile, check out our post with the Easter Bunny, who has some "eggs of thought" for you this week!  We wish all who observe the Easter holiday a beautiful celebration.

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 3/25/24

Yes, crypto is a movement. But, the kinks are the issue. They have always been. Innovation comes with the turf, though. This will continue...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 3/11/24

Crypto volatility may be a permanent thing. Then again, we are all holding on for dear life! (HODL) That said, the week was busy on...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 3/4/24

Maybe the crypto sector has matured. Maybe. The industry this week saw a rise in new sidechains, plus the legal drama continued, with new legislation...

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Solana DEX Jupiter as an Institutional Token

Every so often, a token surfaces that captures our collective attention, and today, that token is Solana’s decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, Jupiter.