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Publisher Notes For 5/24/23

Friends, this week we explore the current state of CBDCs internationally, and celebrate this year's winners of the National Back Office Heroes Day, plus more!  READ UP!!

Publisher Notes For 5/17/23

Friends, what comprises a "win"?  If you're in the NBA, it's pretty straightforward.  If you're the Fed or the Treasury Department, well, not so much.  Check out "Inflation vs. Basketball: A Different Definition of Progress" to learn what "WINNING" looks like in sports vs finance. READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 5/10/23

Friends, we're going to be rolling out a major new blockchain education initiative in the coming weeks and we want your participation, too!  Check out Steve Lupien's interview today in my "Fintech & Philosophy" zoomcast to learn more and look for more info on this world-changing initiative in the coming weeks!! READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 5/2/23

Greetings from Digital Wealth News™ Friends, AS USUAL, we are loaded up with a plethora of new,...

Publisher Notes For 4/25/23

Friends, check out our latest "Fintech & Philosophy" zoomcast and our latest take on the old adage "Sell in May and Go Away".....READ UP! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher

Publisher Notes For 4/18/23

Friends, the wealthtech industry is going through some major reshuffling right now, as is tech in general, but there are so much positives going on, too. You've gotta stay informed to have the edge! To that end, READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 4/11/23

Friends, our new zoomcast series "Fintech & Philosophy" is FINALLY HERE and we're so excited! In the meantime, there's more CAN'T MISS financial technology news & insights in our editorial line up this week. READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 4/4/23

Friends, we hope you & yours enjoy a beautiful Easter holiday & if you're celebrating Passover, Happy Pesach!!  In the meantime, it's been a hugely impactful week for America with so many financial implications. READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 3/29/23

Friends, we have a new zoomcast series launching in April - "Fintech & Philosphy"! Watch for it here & on LinkedIn!  In the meantime, SO MUCH NEWS and new thought leadership for you this week!  READ UP!

Publisher Notes For 3/22/23

Friends, some REALLY compelling content to catch up on in BOTH our edit and thought leadership this week.  Meanwhile, click thru to read my op-ed this week, reviewing the CURRENT SIGNFICANCE of Starlink and a new payments processing firm coming from Twitter, announced late last year.  READ UP!