RIADAC Brings Vital Education on Blockchain and Digital Assets to More Than 1,000 Advisors at Inside ETFs and TDA Annual Conference


RIADAC hosts popular track ‘Digital Assets Explained’

Orlando, FL, January 30, 2020 – It was standing room at two events as more than 1,000 financial advisors discovered the impact blockchain will have on the global economy and the financia services industry, and how they can add digital assets to their clients’ portfolios. These special programs were presented by the RIA Digital Assets Council at Inside ETFs, the world’s leading conference on exchange-traded funds, and National LINC, TD Ameritrade’s annual conference for financial advisors.

Hosted by RIADAC founder Ric Edelman, one of the nation’s most prominent financial advisors, the track provided the latest tax and regulatory information and showed advisors how to
incorporate digital assets into their practices. Advisors received a combined 10.5 Continuing
Education Credits by attending the programs.

Expert speakers included:

• Matt Hougan, Global Head of Research for Bitwise Asset Management
• Craig Salm, Director, Legal at Grayscale Investments
• Brett Cotler, an attorney with Seward & Kissel who’s active with the Wall Street
Blockchain Alliance
• Joel Telpner, an attorney with Sullivan & Worcester who works with the Global
Blockchain Business Council and the Blockchain Research Institute
• Dave Abner, President of Dabner Capital Partners
• Jake Ryan, Chief Investment Officer of Tradecraft Capital
• Michael Sonnenshein, Managing Director of Grayscale Investments, and
• Paul Cappelli, Portfolio Manager at Galaxy Digital LP
• Mark Yusko, CEO/CIO, Morgan Creek Capital Management
• Dara Albright, Advisor, Eisner Amper
• Gabor Gurbacs, Director, Digital Asset Strategy, VanEck/MVIS
• Tim Rice, Co-Founder/CEO, Coin Metrics
• Michael Novogratz, Founder/CEO, Galaxy Digital

“Registered Investment Advisors manage $2 trillion for millions of American investors,” said
Edelman, who was named three times as the nation’s #1 Independent Financial Advisor
by Barron’s. “It’s vital that we learn how to adapt these new technologies into our practices, for
the benefit of our clients.”

RIADAC is presenting additional educational events at many of the largest RIA conferences in the nation, including:

To learn about upcoming events and subscribe for updates, visit www.riadac.com.

The RIA Digital Assets Council is dedicated to advancing financial advisors’ awareness and
knowledge of blockchain and digital assets. Through RIADAC, financial advisors can connect
with experts and enhance their understanding of blockchain and digital assets to improve their
practices and benefit their clients. Learn about upcoming events and subscribe
at www.riadac.com

Blockchain technology replaces the traditional “trust economy” with a new “authentication
economy.” It eliminates the need for middlemen, and allows financial transactions of all sorts –
from securities trades to the purchase of concert tickets – to be conducted more quickly, more
safely, less expensively and with greater transparency than traditional methods of commerce
allow. Data placed on the blockchain are visible virtually instantly, and cannot be deleted,
copied, altered or hidden.

Digital assets are vehicles used to conduct transactions, or create and store value, on the
blockchain, and include digital currencies, utility and platform tokens, and tokenized securities.
Thanks to blockchain and digital assets, virtually every type of transaction can be accommodated – from brokerage transactions to concert tickets to marriage certificates – with massive improvements for buyer and seller, albeit at the expense of the broker or middleman.

RIADAC Founder Ric Edelman is recognized as a visionary thought-leader in the RIA industry.
Ric hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, PBS television specials and is a #1 New York
Times bestselling author of 10 books on personal finance. He’s a recipient of IARFC’s lifetime
achievement award, and has been named by InvestmentNews, RIABiz and others as one of the
most influential people in the financial services industry.