Entoro Capital Partners with RE1 Advisor to Offer Receivership Services to Distressed Businesses in Texas & Louisiana

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HOUSTON, TX (June 4, 2020) – RE1 Advisor, LLC, a U.S.-based commercial property consultancy business, announced a partnership with Entoro Capital to provide technical expertise in real estate, asset recovery, and receivership services to Entoro Capital clients within the real estate, and oil and gas industry that operate businesses in Texas and Louisiana. As many businesses in the oil regions begin to make cuts to their operations and production budgets, many will face hard decisions, including possible bankruptcy or asset stripping. With over 30 years of experience helping entities preserve real estate values, RE1 Advisor aims to provide Entoro Capital with professional consultation and cost-effective measures during temporary management of operations or that accompany the possible liquidation process.

“During the real estate crisis in 2009, I helped dozens of property owners mitigate the liquidation process in order to preserve property values and put new owners in a better position to rebuild,” said Chip Olson, CEO of RE1 Advisor.

Unlike court ordered receiverships that can often linger for months or years and cripple the value of a business’s resale margin, Entoro Capital’s decision to partner with RE1 Advisor provides its clients with a level of expertise that can reduce real estate obstacles facing distressed business.

Powered by Entoro Capital’s ability to bring innovative investment opportunities to new markets, including capital raising solutions such as crowdfunding and strategic structured offerings, its partnership with RE1 Advisor is an added opportunity for businesses in the region to garner even more significant value.

Both Entoro Capital and RE1 Advisor have established relationships with multiple investment funds and real estate sales teams across the country who are looking for oil and gas specific investment opportunities. These connections will be advantageous for lenders, sellers, and operators.

Entoro Capitalis an investment bank and advisory group for traditional and digital securities. Entoro offers a range of comprehensive placement and capital raising solutions for businesses interested in reaching family offices for funding. Entoro uses its proprietary online private securities syndication platform OfferBoard® for accredited investors to analyze and review projects and opportunities. The team’s strength is in bringing highly vetted projects to Investors globally, with maximum efficiency, end-to-end security, and seamless execution, delivering total confidence in each investment. Issuers and Investors are provided access, flexibility, and transparency throughout the investment process.

RE1 Advisor, LLC specializes in commercial real estate consultancy services. CEO Chip Olson has decades of experience as a court-appointed receiver and administrative agent for several lending institutions. RE1 Advisor provides solutions for real estate assets from acquisition through disposition or generational transfer. Its network of advisors are located in Houston, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; Naples, Florida; and Salzburg, Austria. The professionals at RE1 Advisor provide guidance through all aspects of buying, managing, and selling real estate assets.