Smarsh Enables Compliant Adoption Of Microsoft Teams As Regulated Organizations Migrate From Legacy Collaboration Platforms

Transition from Skype for Business Online fueling surge; Smarsh supporting customers at all stages of the migration journey

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Six of the top ten largest global banks leveraging Smarsh Connected Capture for Microsoft Teams

PORTLAND, Ore., May 18, 2021 – Smarsh®, enabling organizations to manage the risk and uncover the value within their electronic communications, announced today that it is seeing unprecedented adoption of its Connected Capture solution for Microsoft Teams. Smarsh customers have added capture support for more than 1.2 million Teams daily active users in the first half of 2021, with more than 5 million more to be added by year-end.  

A shift to remote workforces over the past year has accelerated the rapid adoption of platforms like Teams, which is nearly double from a year ago. Another major driver for this remarkable growth in adoption has been the migration from legacy collaboration platforms. Skype for Business Online, for instance, will retire on July 31, 2021

Customers in highly regulated or litigious industries need to capture, retain, and analyze business communications, regardless of the source platform. Smarsh has worked with Microsoft to build support for the multiple methods that enable customers to capture Microsoft Teams content.  

“Microsoft Teams is essential to many financial firms in the work-from-home environment, and they need to extend compliance initiatives to cover this popular multi-modal solution,” said Brian Cramer, Smarsh CEO. “By partnering with Microsoft, Smarsh has built the bridge that allows firms to complete their journey to Microsoft 365. We are helping customers no matter where they are along that path, on-prem or in the cloud, from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Customers can capture their communications content on these platforms in a compliant manner, enabling them to enhance their global collaboration capabilities.”  


Banks, brokerages, and other highly regulated firms can easily capture, retain, and supervise Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 content at scale in the cloud, for compliance and e-discovery. Smarsh customers can: 

  • leverage the Smarsh cloud-native architecture to deploy capture and archiving for Teams and all Microsoft 365 content on the world’s leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, including Microsoft Azure 
  • take advantage of unique Smarsh capture capabilities for Microsoft Teams, featuring full fidelity of captured content, and threaded conversations in one-to-one chats, multi-party chats, persistent channels, and private channels. This includes edits, deletes, replies, emojis, GIFs, files, stickers, bots and links  
  • record, transcribe, and archive Teams voice content, which can be sent to the context-aware Connected Archive solutions or to any third-party archive to help customers best understand and interpret this data   
  • leverage Smarsh Connected Capture support for SharePoint Online and Exchange Online 
  • capture Microsoft and non-Microsoft content across an industry-leading breadth of channels, including email, social media, mobile text, instant messaging and collaboration, as well as voice 

“We’re seeing many of the largest banks and technology companies embracing a hybrid work model. The demand for Teams is not going away, especially as organizations head back to the office and deal with considerations like meeting room occupancy,” said Cramer. “Teams is the present and future for Microsoft customers. Smarsh is helping our customers tackle the big challenge of migrating from Skype, whether online or on-premise.” 

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About Smarsh 

Smarsh is the recognized global leader in electronic communications archiving solutions for regulated organizations. The Smarsh Connected Suite provides innovative capture, archiving, e-discovery, and supervision solutions across the industry’s widest breadth of communication channels.  

Scalable for organizations of all sizes, the Smarsh platform provides customers with compliance built on confidence. It enables them to strategically future-proof as new communication channels are adopted, and to realize more insight and value from the data in their archive. Customers strengthen their compliance and e-discovery initiatives, and benefit from the productive use of email, social media, mobile/text messaging, instant messaging and collaboration, web, and voice channels.  

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