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Greetings from Digital Wealth News™ !

Greetings, Fintech Friends! This week we review the $70 trillion in wealth about to change hands, learn about the staggering growth of crypto payments and chat with Kelly Waltrich of, plus more! Read up!

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

  • In our Wealthtech Insider column this week, we discuss how email and video are must-haves in an advisor’s prospecting toolkit with the Orion Advisor Tech team;
  • In this week’s Fintech Corner column, Adrian Johnstone of Practifi discusses that $70 trillion is about to change hands and asks if your technology is ready;
  • This week Blake Richmond of Sarson Funds discusses the growth of the DeFi market and Sarson’s role as an early mover in this booming space in our REAL CLEAR CRYPTO column;
  • Bill Taylor of Entoro Wealth updates us on the markets this past week and movement in gold, S&P 500, BTC & ETH in The Taylor Report (8/3/21).

We finish out the week with more great original content from the DWN editorial team and contributors, including the following posts…

DWealth Muse Podcast Series: Episode 23 – How Businesses are Maximizing Profits with Cryptocurrency Payments
DWealthMuse host Dara Albright and guest Sara Dube of CoinPayments discuss the staggering growth of cryptocurrency payments in this podcast

Innovation? Winning? Yes! Need an Example?
Last August the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, announced that rather than holding excess cash reserves, MicroStrategy would hold BTC

The Week in Digital Wealth (8/3/21)
This week’s industry news comes to us from Squre, Marqueta, Voyager Digital, Robinhood and more in our topical weekly fintech news column

Advisor Tech Talk (8/38/21)
This week we cover news from AdvisorEngine, SmartX, Wealthfront and more in our weekly column covering the wealthtech sector

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Digital Wealth (8/3/21)
Every deal in this week’s column was in excess of $200M, with iCapital coming in at the top of the heap with fresh funding round of $440M

Fintech Luminaries – Meet Kelly Waltrich of
For our latest feature, we’d like you to meet Kelly Waltrich of, which builds intentionally designed marketing engines for fintechs

And don’t forget to check out our homepage for other great content, read up and GET YOUR SMART ON about the future of digital wealth!

Curated Industry Content

Check out our homepage for other great content, read up and GET YOUR SMART ON about the future of digital wealth!!

And finally, this week’s #DWNsmile moment comes to you from Mishka (a one-year old Siamese boy kitty) we recently adopted at play with Bill Taylor. Can you say “COUCH!!”

Wishing you and yours a great week!!!


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