Exodus Begins Trading on Securitize Markets

Following Exodus’ $75 Million Crowdfund Capital Raise, Investors Can Now Trade Shares in the Popular Tech Company on Securitize Markets

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March 16, 2022 – Exodus (the “Company”), the leading non-custodial cryptocurrency software platform, and Securitize Markets (“Securitize”), the leading digital asset securities firm, are pleased to announce the commencement of trading of Exodus shares under symbol EXOD on Securitize Markets. Trading will commence today, March 16, 2022 at market open (8:00 a.m. EDT).

Exodus’ shares trading on the Securitize Markets platform is the culmination of the Company’s 2021 $75 million Mini IPO capital raise. Exodus leveraged the Securitize platform to complete the capital raise, including onboarding investors, issuing shares as digital tokens, and managing share ownership and activity. Trading on Securitize Markets brings a number of benefits previously unavailable to Exodus investors, including 24-7 order placement, trading from 8 am-8 pm EDT, near-instant deposits (including of USDC). Additional benefits of trading on Securitize Markets are detailed here. Trading is also currently fee-free.

“When we decided to raise capital last year, it was important to us to first turn to our existing customers and fans, and give them the opportunity to become owners in our business before Wall Street,” said Exodus CEO and Co-founder JP Richardson. “Securitize’s platform enabled us to onboard over 6,800 mostly retail investors and raise $75 million. Now, with the trading of Exodus shares on their platform, it’s all under one roof. We are very excited about the increased ability to trade our shares.”

Securitize Markets’ digital end-to-end marketplace facilitates the trading and investing of alternative assets. Exodus trading on Securitize Markets is expected to access a broader investment audience and add to liquidity.

“Exodus is a major success story and proof point for the ability of private businesses to raise serious capital from their own customers and fans, to reward them for their early support and loyalty, and to align customer interests with business interests,” said Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize. “Now that Exodus shares are available for retail investors to trade on Securitize Markets, a bigger market for their shares, price discovery and liquidity potential has been created, and this should be an example to many other private businesses that want to raise capital from their community to turn them into shareholders and brand advocates and provide them with liquidity options.”

Public trading of Exodus shares is available to investors from all 50 U.S. states and international investors from 40+ countries. Investors seeking to purchase or trade Exodus Class A common stock can visit https://securitize.pub/Exodus to set up a Securitize Markets account.

Exodus Class A common stock is digitally represented on the Algorand blockchain via common stock tokens.

About Exodus

Exodus is on a mission to empower half the world to exit the traditional finance system by 2030. Founded in 2015, Exodus is a multi-asset software wallet that removes the geek requirement and keeps design a priority to make cryptocurrency and digital assets easy for everyone. Available for desktop and mobile, Exodus allows users to secure, manage and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more across an industry-leading 10,000+ asset pairs from a beautiful, easy-to-use wallet. The non-custodial functionality is encrypted locally on users’ own devices, ensuring privacy, security and complete control over their wealth. For more info visit exodus.com.

About Securitize

Securitize is a digital asset securities firm with a mission to provide shareholders access to invest in and trade alternative investments, and for companies to raise capital, manage shareholders, and offer shareholders potential liquidity. Securitize has pioneered a fully digital, end-to-end platform for issuing, managing and trading digital asset securities, consistent with the existing U.S. regulatory framework, with over 1.2 million investor accounts and 3,000 businesses connected. Securitize is comprised of Securitize, Inc. and its subsidiaries Securitize, LLC (an SEC-registered transfer agent), Securitize Capital, LLC, Securitize Markets, LLC (an SEC-registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC, and operator of the company’s alternative trading system), and Pacific Stock Transfer. Learn more at http://www.securitize.io.