TIFIN and ETFMG announce expanded partnership to promote thematic ETFs to active investors and advisors on Magnifi

ETFMG will sponsor four additional themes in TIFIN’s Magnifi marketplace. This follows existing distribution partnerships between ETFMG, Breakwave Advisors, and TIFIN

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BOULDER & NEW YORK, Aug 18th, 2022 — TIFIN, a fintech platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and investment-driven personalization to shape the future of investor experiences, today announced a new fund marketing and distribution partnership with ETF Managers Group (ETFMG). ETFMG is a thematic ETF issuer founded in 2014 with a vision of developing innovative thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide investors unique exposure to new and emerging markets. This adds to TIFIN’s embed investment partnerships which now has over 40 leading investment managers sponsoring 90+ funds across their ecosystem.
“TIFIN, including through its Magnifi marketplace, is undeniably innovating through its proprietary technology, to make it easier for investors to search for themes and identify the investment opportunities that matter to them,” said Sam Masucci, CEO and Founder of ETFMG. “The ETF world offers thousands of choices, making it a challenge for investors to navigate. Simply said, Magnifi helps investors make smarter decisions and we are thrilled to be partnering with TIFIN in support of this common goal.”
This new partnership will see ETFMG promoting a series of thematic ETFs across Cannabis (TICKER: MJMJUSMJIN, and MJXL), Travel (TICKERS: AWAYAWYX), Cybersecurity (TICKER: HACK), and Precious Metal (TICKERS: SILJSILX) themes within TIFIN’s Magnifi Investment Marketplace to over 140k registered users. Each fund will be placed in a primary position to all search results that relate back to each of the thematic areas. Magnifi users conduct over 2.5 million investor queries per week as of August 2022. In addition, the two firms will work on a series of co-marketing initiatives to promote ETFMG to both active advisor and individual investor communities. This partnership builds on an existing relation between ETFMG and TIFIN, as their BDRY and BSEA ETFs are currently part of a thematic investment marketplace within the TIFIN Wealth platform used by over 1,000 Advisory Firms to match funds to client proposals based on insights from their financial planning, personality, and risk tolerance needs.
“We are delighted to partner with Sam Masucci and the ETFMG team to bring their revolutionary thematic ETFs to the forefront of our Magnifi marketplace,” said Jack Swift, President and CRO of TIFIN. “This partnership will bring value to our user base by promoting these leading ETFs adjacent to the thematic intelligence and insights across Magnifi.”
About ETFMG®:
ETFMG is a provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), founded in 2014 with a vision of developing innovative thematic ETFs that provide investors unique exposure to new markets. Today, the ETFMG fund line up provides access to a diverse collection of global themes and is comprised of 75% first to market products. We turn portfolio management strategies into successful ETFs by partnering with market segment experts to bring long-term growth opportunities to investors. ETFMG funds are proof as to the power of the ETF wrapper and that thematic products can have a place in investors’ portfolios. To learn more about ETFMG and our portfolio of exchange traded funds please visit www.etfmg.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter @ETFMG, or YouTube.
About TIFIN:
TIFIN is an AI-powered fintech that leverages data science, investment intelligence, and technology to deliver engaging and personalized investor experiences. By connecting individuals to advice and investments, TIFIN bridges the gap between investors, their trusted intermediaries, and asset managers.
Founded in 2018 by Dr. Vinay Nair, a former Wharton Professor and successful entrepreneur, TIFIN was created to help make investing a powerful driver of financial well-being by eliminating frictions investors face.
TIFIN manages Magnifi, a search-powered marketplace for investments; TIFIN Wealth, a platform for advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries to deliver better individual outcomes; Financial Answers, a digital platform of investor communities; all powered through Distill, a central digital distribution and insights engine using TIFIN’s data platform.