Ever Really Consider “What If?”


Distractions abound. Information. Disinformation. Fake news. Real news. Boundless opinions and predictions. Overwhelmed? Well yeah. Perhaps since it is Spring, with warm sunny days becoming more the norm, it might make sense to just sit and ponder all the “what ifs.” Yup, settle back and think deeply how some of these “what ifs” might affect you………or not.

Since it is Spring, “what if” the Washington Nationals or Florida Marlins wind up in the baseball World Series playing the Detroit Tigers or Oakland Athletics? OK, that’s a joke (really) and that possibility will never affect you (or those teams collective 132 fans either).

Getting real, “what if” the globe actually DID lose faith in the dollar? If the world actually DID move away from the dollar? “What if” people who said the dollar will NEVER lose its reserve status are wrong? How could that affect you? Higher interest rates? Uncontrolled inflation? Financial markets collapse? The world is changing right before our eyes (and fast). That’s a “what if” to really ponder.

“What if” China actually DID “reclaim” Taiwan? Yeah, “what if” they really did? Holding tech stocks? Holding airline stocks with Asian routes? Hmmmmm!

“What if” the Fed (Treasury, SEC, CFTC, etc.) declares bitcoin (crypto) illegal?  “What if” U.S. citizens were banned from holding digital assets? Not far-fetched. In 1933 the U.S. made holding gold illegal and required everyone to turn in their gold holdings (not until Dec. 1974 was holding gold legalized again). Would that action pave the way for the creation of a U.S. CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)? Obviously if you hold any crypto that would affect you. If you hate crypto (bitcoin and others) you would gloat and smile. But consider what a CBDC would really mean. You might change your mind about bitcoin.

Obviously “what ifs” generally don’t have solid answers but rather stimulate a thought process. To be sure there is a lot to give thought to. Always good to have some plans for possible scenarios. Or, just watch TikTok dancing and TikTok influencers via for your attention and hope for the best.