MARTECH MINUTES: The Impact of Financial Content Marketing


By Teresa Leno

The internet has dramatically shifted content marketing strategies in almost every industry, and the financial services industry is no different. Content marketing has become an important part of advertising the services of financial advisors and their firms. For advisors, content marketing offers a unique and personal connection with both clients and prospects.

Today, investors realize the value of using the internet to research an advisor or their firm before engaging with them. In fact, five million affluent investors use social media to research financial information before making investment decisions, according to a study by Brunswick.

This study validates it’s important to make a good first impression online as this may be the first and only representation prospects will see of you. Your website and social media profile pages reflect your firm and should present a professional, engaging, and unique service. With 80% of advisors initiating new client relationships through social media, content marketing something to pay attention to.

What is the best way to get started? First, be you, and don’t sacrifice your personality for compliance (as long as you’re abiding by advertising review regulations, of course). Second, convey your firms’ unique brand online in a professional and engaging manner. This is a valuable skill that will take time and effort to hone.

A great piece of finance content that everyone in the firm can share is key to communicating your firm’s unique story. Content can help inform investors of your investing philosophy, the problems you solve, and the strategies required to get to investors closer toward goals. Content has the power to help you stand out from your competitors and become more relatable and trustworthy in the eyes of your prospects.

A great social media tactic that advisors and other members of your firm can easily implement is to be social. Take time out of your day to scroll through your social media timeline and engage with your network. Even a ‘like’ doesn’t go unnoticed and can be a prompt to reach out to those that engage with your social post.

Start with create your first piece of content by telling your company’s story. You can also use content from other publishers to help you become more social on social media. Also, look for third-party content such as what Fresh Finance’s software provides that is editable to make it your own.

Using these ideas, advisors can be on their way to a successful content marketing strategy. Remember that it’s vital to content to tell your story and inform your network of your expertise and services.

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Teresa Leno worked as a financial advisor and experienced firsthand the importance of financial education to help clients make more informed decisions before a crisis. Through her experience, Fresh Finance was started as a financial content marketing solution to help advisors validate their expertise through sharing content.