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Friends, this week has brought more action from the SEC against the digital assets industry with lawsuits against Binance & Coinbase. Think what you will about these regulatory actions.  We think THOUGHTFUL regultion of the industry is important and desperately needed for clarity in the US – but are these actions that or just pure industry intimidation???  Hmmm…..meanwhile, forward-thinking states like Wyoming queue up a stablecoin…READ UP! 

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

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Stablecoins are IN. In Wyoming.
Remember stablecoins? Well, stablecoins are IN and are going to get a big boost from the state of Wyoming’s Gov. Mark Gordon

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/7/23)
In this week’s column on digital wealth the world over, we cover news from Apple, Goldman Sachs & the CFPB, amongst others

Advisor Tech Talk (6/7/23)
This week in Avisor Tech Talk, we dive into the latest wealthtech industry news from TradePMR, TIFIN, & Orion plus more

Decentralized Diaries For The Week of 6/7/23
Bitcoin Faces Selling Pressure at $25k, New Support Levels Are Imminent, Court Ruling Affirmed the IRS’s Right to Seize Coinbase Data, etc.

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (6/7/23)
This week, our top 5 VC deals in digital wealth came to us from NomuPay, Magic, Carrum Health, Fabrick & Anoma Foundation


STANDARD DEVIATIONS PODCAST: Derek Hagen – Working with Change-Resistant Clients
This week,Dr. Daniel Crosby is joined by Heather Fortner, CEO of  SignatureFD team who discusses leaning into her passion for listening

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Overcoming Financial Vulnerabilities w/ Michael Liersch
Michael Liersch, Adam Holt, and Derek Notman discuss how difficult it is to talk to clients about their money

Thought Leadership

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Where Advisory Firms Should Spend their Digital Marketing Dollars
To make the most of your digital marketing dollars, prioritize proven strategies for success: website design, SEO & unique content Illuminations: Cure Your Pain with a Single Pane
Whether it’s investors, advisors, or home offices, everyone in the Wealth Management value chain seeks an elegant, simple solution for their needs

MARTECH MINUTES: The Impact of Financial Content Marketing
The internet has dramatically shifted content marketing strategies in almost every industry & the financial services industry is no different

The Taylor Market Report (6/6/23)
So stocks only go up. What could possibly go wrong? I was involved in the 1987 crash, the dot com bubble & the 2008 financial crisis. I know what can go wrong. Be very cautious & survive

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Tokens for the Growth of AI | Render Network $RNDR
The Render Network, a decentralized network of GPUs, is revolutionizing the way digital artists and AI developers render their work

Blockchain Education for Everyone (BEE)

Blockchain Education for Everyone (BEE) is Born – A Program Overview

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Candace Ryde
When Candace Ryder joined the University of Wyoming as a Faculty Development Professional in early 2020, her mandate was originally to focus on designing instruction for a set online programs,  Now she is also: supporting the implementation of Wyoming’s first-in-the-nation blockchain and Digital Asset curriculum for high school and junior college students.


Industry News

Sixth Annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede & WyoHackathon Sept. 11-15 at University of Wyoming | Laramie
Atria’s CUSO Financial Services Snags former LPL Affiliated Clearview Federal Credit Union

Practice Management

Why Data Is a Differentiator for Financial Advisors
5 Tips for Visually Driving Content Engagement

Fintech Quote of the Week

“VCs are now looking more at the people, not necessarily at quick profits, and funding awards are at the seed stage. After all, slow and steady wins the race (and turtles CAN outperform unicorns).” – Teresa Leno | FreshFinance

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