Chaos and the 4th of July


First, Happy 4th of July. Another birthday for America. Keep them coming and coming and coming.

Chaos? Yup, and not just at the airports. If you are traveling by air you must know what chaos is (sorry) and if you are not traveling by air, congratulations. No, chaos is EVERYWHERE. Financial markets, politics, geopolitical arenas and certainly in the media. Oh, and its a sure bet that chaos will ensue if those hot dogs don’t come off the grill just right……and on time.

Financial markets are certainly in their own chaos. Interest rates are rising (and apparently will continue to do so), threats of recession are everywhere (actual in parts of Europe), inflation is easing(?) or not(?) and financial markets are reacting very uncharacteristically. Or, chaotically. All is good, or all is not.

Politics? Well that sector is always in chaos but it seems like the political chaos is on steroids with over a year till the 2024 elections. We don’t go anywhere near political views here (at least not in public) so suffice to say the political chaos will eventually get more chaotic beginning…..on the 4th of July.

Ah, geopolitical chaos. A coup in Russia? Putin under siege? The war in Ukraine goes on…..and on. Chinese balloons and maybe a hostile takeover of Taiwan? (Maybe the Chinese should hire Bill Ackman as a “consultant”) Saudi’s, Iran, Serbia, etc. Chaos for sure.

BUT, you want REAL chaos? Get the “clicker” and go back and forth between Fox and MSNBC or CNN. Throw in some HuffPost and a touch of Twitter and there’s some real juicy chaos.

All true, but it is July 4th. Take time (especially if your flight is cancelled) and know no matter what, its America’s birthday. While the “dogs” and burgers are grilling realize its the best place on earth to be. Happy 4th of July.