MARTECH MINUTES: How Investors Benefit From Finance Content Marketing


By DWN Staff

In today’s dynamic business environment, investor communication is vital to maintaining assets under management and ongoing engagement. As such, finance content marketing is a highly effective strategy financial organizations, and their advisors use to communicate with and attract potential investors when leveraged by the power of marketing technologies.

Investors often seek reliable information to help them make more informed decisions about where, when, and how to invest. Utilizing personalized content for specific investor personas and pain points can help them understand how an investment strategy may align with their investing criteria.

“Finance content marketing aids in building investors’ trust and confidence in their advisor. By regularly providing high-quality content such as blogs, whitepapers, case studies, and financial reports, organizations can help their advisors demonstrate transparency, integrity, and client commitment. A continual flow of credible and value-adding content goes a long way in establishing an advisor as an industry authority that investors can trust,” says Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder at Fresh Finance.

According to a HubSpot study, nearly 45% of consumers expect brands to provide content and services personalized to their needs. Advisors can achieve real-time interaction and engagement with clients and potential investors by leveraging digital platforms such as Fresh Finance. Through Fresh Finance’s message feature, advisors can respond directly to investor queries, strengthening the investor-advisor relationship.

“Finance content marketing using technology like Fresh Finance promotes a more cost-effective investor acquisition and retention. Traditional methods of investor communication, such as direct mailing, telemarketing, or investor seminars, can be expensive and time-consuming. Contrastingly, digital content marketing can reach a wider audience at a much lower cost, using different forms of digital communication. These forms include digital newsletters, social media platforms, etc.,” adds Leno.

Leno explains that finance content marketing offers numerous benefits; it equips investors with the necessary information to make informed decisions, promotes trust, and helps ensure regular engagement with their advisors. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organizations that leverage content marketing stand a better chance of winning investors’ trust as they work toward their investment goals. Therefore, organizations must take advantage of the benefits finance content marketing can bring to both their advisors and investors.

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Teresa Leno worked as a financial advisor and experienced firsthand the importance of financial education to help clients make more informed decisions before a crisis. Through her experience, Fresh Finance was started as a financial content marketing solution to help advisors validate their expertise through sharing content.