STANDARD DEVIATIONS PODCAST: Dr. Ali McCarthy – Doubling Your Business with Emotional Intelligence


This week on Standard Deviations with Dr. Daniel Crosby, Dr. Crosby is joined by Dr. Ali McCarthy.

Ali is a corporate marketing advisor who has seen many sides of the business. She leverages her tenured marketing expertise and emotional intelligence expertise to help firms grow and thrive. Ali has developed people and teams (including marketing and practice management teams), helped build, merge, and grow businesses, implemented new ideas to grow brands, and partnered extensively with sales professionals.

With over 22 years of experience, Ali most recently lead the development of the strategic marketing and communication plan for Skience, who provides digital transformation solutions for the wealth management industry. Responsible for the daily demands of driving brand reputation and business growth along with defining a long-term vision for modernizing marketing and communications, Ali has been recognized as having a unique vantage point of being able to blend an academic-evidence-based mindset to her management approach with a seamless integration of behavioral sciences into the client-advisor relationship.

Ali earned her Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University. She received her Ph.D. in advanced studies in human behavior from Capella University, where she studied the emotional intelligence of financial advisors and its impact on the advisor-client relationship. She is certified with Multi-Health Systems to administer Bar-On’s EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments and lead emotional intelligence training workshops.

Previously, Ali was Senior Vice President, Head of Practice Management for Orion after the acquisition of Brinker Capital where she was Chief Marketing Officer at Brinker Capital Investments and founded The Center for Outcomes, a training program for sales professionals. In prior years, Ali served as an Officer at The Guardian Life Insurance Company as Director of the Channel Marketing team that supported The Guardian Life Insurance Company and RS Investments. Her tenure includes senior marketing roles at AB (previously AllianceBernstein Investments), Equitable (previously AXA Equitable), and DWS (previously Scudder Investments).

Tune in to hear:

– We frequently hear the term “emotional intelligence” thrown around pretty loosely, but what is a deeper dive into its definition?

– Does Dr. McCarthy see people frequently using emotional intelligence towards Machiavellian ends or is this quite uncommon in her experience?

– Why is EQ so important for leaders and individuals more broadly and why is it extra important in the context of financial services?

– What did Dr. McCarthy focus on in her dissertation work and what were her findings around referrals and emotional intelligence?

– To what extent is emotional intelligence an inherent vs. a learned trait? What roles do nature and nurture play in EQ?

– How do the didactic and experiential combine to inform emotional intelligence?

– In the age of AI, what is the place of the human-first financial advisor?

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Educated at Brigham Young and Emory Universities, Dr. Daniel Crosby, the personality behind STANDARD DEVIATIONS podcast, is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of mind and markets.

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