What a Difference a Year Makes. Or Does It?


It’s the week of President’s Day. By the way, they come every year. Yay!

Which got me to looking back to last year’s P-Day and see what (if anything) has changed this past year. Turns out not a whole lot, EXCEPT there are no Chinese balloons passing over the U.S. (that we know of). Remember that?  Take a peek at this post I wrote last year: “UFOs? Balloons? Confusion, Distraction and Slight of Hand?“. The S&P 500 was 4,000, gold was $1,820 and bitcoin was $24K. So everybody’s richer, right?

So the above referenced article made the point that the wayward balloon from China was actually helping divert attention from ‘other’ issues that the government would rather people ignore. Like what? Distraction from budget talks (or lack of) and possible U.S. debt default? Political investigations? Inflation rising again? Stagflation? War, new military activity, etc? Remember, these ‘issues’ were raging last year. One year ago. Did that one year make any difference? Apparently not so much.

Well if you had slept through the past year, you could turn on the news and see that you missed……not much. Oh there are some slight differences. Some political investigations have found there way into courts BUT (never fear) NEW investigations also sprung up. There was a war in Ukraine (still is), BUT since one war wasn’t enough, we now have a rapidly spreading Mideast war. Budget talks and a possible government shutdown still loom, inflation (or stagflation) still rages and blah, blah blah.

Not much difference over the past year, as it turns out.

Ah, but there is a HUGE difference from last year. It’s called an……ELECTION. Yeah.

Not only will various parties be trying to influence people by creating diversions but it will become excessively pervasive. And this year AI (artificial intelligence) will play a big part (don’t look at those economic statistics, but look at this rare dinosaur walking down the street. Is it a REAL dinosaur? Or AI).

This will be a year of not knowing, or trusting, anything. Sad, scary and now a part of life.

So has the past year made a huge difference? Well like I said, you are richer, right?? No matter, the past year has made a huge difference to daily life.

Bill Taylor is the CEO of Digital Wealth News and a 40+ year veteran of the financial markets.  You can also ready his weekly musings on BTC, ETH, Gold & SP500 at “The Taylor Market Report“.