The AI Takeover. It’s Only Just Begun.

Meet "AI Steve", the First AI-generated MP Candidate


Yikes! The artificial intelligence (AI) takeover is further along then we thought. Very subtle and, at times, seemingly under the radar, but it’s under way. Oh, and as everyone has heard, there is good and potential bad.

So, have you heard of “AI Steve?” Probably not. Well you will and faster than you can say artificial intelligence there will certainly be lot more “AI Steve’s” coming along. Anyway, “AI Steve” is running for Parliament in the UK. And, he has an actual platform and, by golly, some damn good ideas. Describing himself as an “ultra-smart computer”,  “he” will be standing in the General Election on July 4 for the Smarter UK party. Not crazy.

“AI Steve” will be the world’s first AI generated MP candidate and may very well revolutionize democracy itself. Who knows? The brains behind AI Steve, Steve Endacott, calls himself a capitalist with a socialist conscience. He claims he will merely be a vessel for his AI alter-ego and he will physically attend Parliament to vote on policies decided upon by his bot alter ego. “AI Steve” will only adopt polices that have over 50% support from constituents that will be able to “speak” with Steve via “his” website. Welcome to the new democracy courtesy of AI.

(I really encourage everyone to check “AI Steve’s” website listed below…..its pretty cool.)

That’s the good (?) part of the AI takeover. Now the bad (?) part. Ready for what China has done (created)? According to a recent South China Morning Post report, researchers at the National Defense University (Joint Operations College/China) have created the “AI commander.” To be clear, the Central Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party remains the supreme military authority, but researchers at the Joint Operations College of the National Defense University have developed a “virtual commander.”

Here’s the scary part. The “AI commander” mirrors the thought patterns, personality, and even weaknesses of their human counterparts. A published paper also suggested that the AI commander can stand in for the human commander during periods of unavailability. Remember a few months ago when U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin went into the hospital for a cancer procedure and didn’t bother to inform the president? What if he had left an “AI deputy commander” in charge? Not saying it’s bad, but hmmmmmm!

So could (will) AI-generated political candidates (hello AI Steve) actually be elected and actually be more responsive to their constituents? A world leader? Could an AI military commander decide to say “f*** you boss, I’m in charge and I’m pushing the red button?” Who knows.

Whatever, The AI takeover has only just begun.

Take a look at “AI Steve” …

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