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Fintech Luminaries – Meet Tony Petrilli of Orbis Systems

Meet Tony Petrilli of Orbis Systems and View Trade Holding Corp., whose subsidiaries are the backbone to some of the largest fintech platforms, institutions, broker dealers and RIAs in over 20 countries on 4 continents, providing them with the infrastructure, and direct, cost-efficient access to the U.S. markets.

DWN Publisher Notes For 6/12/24

Friends, we had an amazing trip to TX (except for the Nvidia stock split, but that's a diff story), and now we're back at it!  Meanwhile the TX Stock Exchange was announced and it seems like fintech & AI keep rolling, despite ongoing geopolitical uncertainty...READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/11/24)

Technical glitches did not hinder innovations and partnerships from springing forth, with integrations taking center stage. It looks like the end-user is back in...

DWN Publisher Notes For 5/22/24

Friends, it's time for your weekly DWN newsletter again and we hit a new record last week on "opens" (51,000+), so a huge thanks to our readers for that landmark!  Now onto the news of the week in digital wealth - all right here at DWN.

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/20/24)

The industry continued its cross-partnerships with end users as the focus. This time, though, the AI conversation continued, with vertical integrations occurring everywhere. Headlines to...

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/13/24)

Things continued (as usual) with the industry taking on AI expansions and integrations. That said, other integrations were (also) in play, while compliance remained...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 4/29/24

The industry (has certainly) moved past the speculative phase, where cowboys reigned and anything was possible. Innovations still happen, but progress is (now) governed...

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/22/24)

Collaborations continued to be a focus point, but the end-user came out on top. Government interventions were overarching, with pushbacks from advocacy groups highlighting...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 4/22/24

The crypto industry is no longer a touch-and-go affair, with laws and rules changing the game's nature.  That said, inter-country collaborations are (very much) alive...

DWN Publisher Notes For 4/17/24

Friends, this week Bill Taylor ponders the question - is Jay Powell about to be out of a job? We also delve into the ramifications of the coming bitcoin halving event. And of course, each week we provide all the news you can use in digital wealth, decentralized finance, fintech venture capital deals and wealthtech. READ UP!