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INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: Charitable Giving to Jump Amid Recession Fears?

It's no secret that the major benefit of donor-advised funds (DAFs) is the ability to take an immediate tax deduction on the amount contributed.  Another benefit is that DAFs can hold funds indefinitely.

Recession, Elections, Inflation and………What’s Next?

Well, it's happened. Or, is happening. Global economies have put the Covid19 pandemic in the rear view mirror (oh, except China) with a huge sigh...

WHITEPAPER: Growing Your Advisory Business During a Recession

Introduction The recent COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc not only on markets, but also...

FREE WEBINAR: Tackling Market Volatility and Recession-Preparing Portfolios

HOSTED by: Tackling Market Volatility and Recession-Preparing Portfolios

The Taylor Report (1/24/23)

Inflation is still high. Commodities are ticking up again. As far as I know, the Fed is still raising rates and employment layoffs are gaining momentum. And that pesky recession looms larger.

Publisher Notes For 1/24/23

Friends, crypto is up, markets are flat, VC is down and it's a TOTAL MASH UP of news out there in the fintech sector.  This week we've got some great new podcasts for you plus a really fun piece from DWN CEO Bill Taylor on the similarities in markets & baseball, quoting the inimitable Yankees great Yogi Berra! READ UP!

Markets & Baseball: “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over”

It seems like a very appropriate time to bring up some quotes from the famous (or infamous) Yogi Berra and apply them to today's...

The Taylor Report (1/17/23)

Sorry bulls. Recessions are NOT bullish. Higher rates are NOT bullish. Uncertainty is NOT bullish. Real estate weakening is NOT bullish. Wake up and smell the reality. S&P 500 (equities) drop anther 20%.

Publisher Notes For 1/17/23

Friends, politics & markets are heating up in the new year, but the digital wealth space is just hitting its stride and we've got so much new thought leadership & sector news (+deals) to report on this week!  READ UP!

How’s The New Year Going So Far?

Two weeks down, fifty more to go. This new year (2023 if you missed it) is under way. So with everyone accustomed to instantaneous...