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Orion Logo

Orion Advisor Solutions is the premier provider of the tech-enabled fiduciary process that transforms the advisor-client relationship by enabling financial advisors to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve within a single, connected, technology-driven experience. Combined, our brand entities, Orion Advisor Tech, Orion Portfolio Solutions, Brinker Capital Investments, and CLS Investments, create a complete yet modular offering that empowers firms to seamlessly attract new clients; connect goals more meaningfully to investment strategies and outcomes; and ultimately track progress toward each investor’s unique definition of financial success. As of December 31, 2020, Orion supports more than 2,100 advisory firms with approximately $1.4 trillion in assets under administration and an additional $48 billion of combined platform assets (Orion Portfolio Solutions and Brinker Capital) on the open architecture TAMP, making Orion the platform of choice for all growth-focused advisory firms looking to strengthen their client relationships, gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, and build strong, profitable businesses. Learn more at

WHITEPAPER: Collaboration Leads to Success: Why Aurum Wealth Management Made Changes to Their Advisor...

When Aurum Wealth Management was founded in 2006 as a joint venture with Skoda Minotti, they were looking for a platform that would help them both scale support and enable ongoing growth.

Five Ways the Orion Client Portal Will Transform Your Client Relationships

At Orion, everything we do is designed to further our mission: to power the advisor-client journey with a tech-enabled fiduciary process that enables advisors to: * Seamlessly attract new clients * Connect planning goals to investment strategies * Help investors...

WHITEPAPER: Behavioral Alpha – An Advisor’s Greatest Value

Investing in today’s world is vastly different from decades ago when brokers and advisors were viewed as the guardians of financial data. Now, investors have access to free online brokerage accounts at their fingertips and are able to create portfolios without feeling a desire for assistance.

Ebook: Building your breakaway brand – The ultimate marketing guide for newly independent RIAs

For newly independent RIAs, establishing brand presence is critical to the beginning of the breakaway journey. You need to define your value proposition, identify your target audience, and determine how to reach them. 

WHITEPAPER: Power Your Firm’s Value Proposition with a Financial Planning Strategy

The Financial Planning Gap The benefits of providing a financial plan to clients have...

WHITEPAPER: Orion Communities – Streamlining and Scaling the Investment Management Process

Communities, Orion’s model marketplace, helps financial advisors transform the way they personalize portfolios with unprecedented access...

WHITEPAPER: Case Study – Driving Firm Growth with Superior Service and Streamlined Operations

Looking to enhance efficiencies, close new business, and improve client experience? So was this New York City based RIA—but they realized they couldn’t do that with the tech provider they were using. By switching tech providers, they were able to save hundreds of hours annually in operations, as well as meet specialized needs for clients at scale.

Hear About the Latest Fintech Trends With The Fuse Show

On The Fuse Show, co-hosts Ryan Donovan and George Svagera of Orion Advisor Technology take a deep dive to deliver what you need to know. ..

Making a Market*r: Orion’s Brand New Marketing Solution Is Here

More than a CRM, Practifi is an enterprise-grade business management platform designed for high-performing financial advice firms.

Orion Adds Over 50 BlackRock Model Portfolios to Investment Platform

Wealthtech Orion Advisor Solutions has recently expanded their relationship with BlackRock, adding more than 50 new strategies from the investment juggernaut to their model portfolio basket...