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Founded with the mission to radically change how enterprises automate complex business processes, JIFFY.ai is a global, enterprise-grade process automation company that puts the power of real-time innovation in business users’ hands. JIFFY.ai delivers HyperApps—pre-packaged and complete end-to-end automation applications that are reusable and extensible across an entire enterprise—on their award-winning intelligent automation platform. The platform includes capabilities ranging from intelligent document processing and natural language processing capabilities to RPA, Machine Learning, and AI. Visit www.jiffy.ai for more information.

Where Should You Start Your Intelligent Automation Journey?

As a highly customer-oriented industry, banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) has always been a prime candidate for digital transformation. COVID-19 catalyzed the adoption of digital technologies in this otherwise conservative sector, says Deloitte in their 2021 banking and capital markets outlook.

Enhancing User Experience With Process Automation

Implementing and managing an intelligent automation platform, which includes Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be a complex endeavor, depending on where an organization is in their automation journey.

KYC Process Automation with Intelligent ML, AI & RPA

Customer (KYC)/Customer Identification Program (CIP) process. Typical KYC exercises involve a very comprehensive document review process. Numerous details must be extracted from many documents, such as document ID, names, dates, signatures, and more.

What Is a Digital Automation Platform?

What is automation in a modern enterprise environment? In a nutshell, automation can be defined as a collection of technologies (bots, business rules, sensors, programming scripts, etc.) that can complete a task with little to no human intervention.

Embracing AI and Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

We cannot emphasize enough the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation (specifically Robotic Process Automation) has had, and will continue to have, on our industry. In fact, most advisors have grown so accustomed to their benefits, that they may not even realize the daily impact to their practices and clients.