WHITEPAPER: Behavioral Alpha – An Advisor’s Greatest Value

Despite the rise of online brokerage accounts, advisors can bring investor’s financial vision to life. Learn how here.


Investing in today’s world is vastly different from decades ago when brokers and advisors were viewed as the guardians of financial data. Now, investors have access to free online brokerage accounts at their fingertips and are able to create portfolios without feeling a desire for assistance.

While this form of accessibility may be at investors’ disposal, the value and guidance financial advisors provide in creating successful long-term investments solutions continues to prove successful. Research conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Council found that 51% of surveyors with an advisor felt prepared for retirement against 18% of those not receiving advice.*

Receiving informative financial advice not only helps build wealth and confidence, but it also helps you achieve the returns necessary to arrive at your financial destination. With the guidance of a professional:

  • Improve decision-making processes
  • Increase current and future financial security
  • Create a structured financial plan

*Investment Funds Institute of Canada, “Value of Advice Report” (2012). Financial Planning Standards Council.