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Digitally-Enabled Investment Management Platforms: 2023 Advancements and 2024 Expectations

Last year saw a convergence of elements in the wealth management space that, individually, would disrupt how investment managers and wealthtech providers operate. Together,...

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: How Digitally Intimate are You with Your Potential and Current...

What kind of digital intimacy experience are you creating for them? Join us as we discuss this fun yet compelling topic with fellow advisor and...

CapIntel Positioned to Grow Industry Leadership in Digitally-Enabled Proposal Generation for Financial Advisors

CapIntel, the Canadian tech-enabled turnkey client proposal firm, is making waves across the U.S. wealth management industry.  The firm tells Digital Wealth News that...

DWN Roundtable: How Digitally Enabled Alt Platforms Opened Doors in this Bear Market

As is tradition, the arrival of a Bear market gives rise to alternative investment (alts) platforms. The decade's...

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/18/24)

The industry shifted from embedded integrations to partnerships. Unveiled solutions (also) had a utility focus, solving customer-related problems (seamlessly). Headlines to take note of: The...

The Taylor Market Report (6/11/24)

This is the longest lasting "tired market" EVER! The AI stocks are holding the S&P index up (and I'm very bullish on AI) but the majority of stocks are crap. I want to be short but I am staying neutral.

FINTECH NEWS: How Technology Is Transforming Impact Investing

The impulse to do good while doing well is much older than popular acronyms like ESG and SRI might suggest. In fact, impact investing...

MARTECH MINUTES: Delivering on Client Expectations

Client expectations have dramatically changed over the past few years. Marketing professionals are now responsible for demonstrating how the organization and its advisors aim to improve a client's financial wellness.

STANDARD DEVIATIONS PODCAST: Jason Pereira – The Future of AI in Wealth Management

This week on the Standard Deviations podcast, Dr. Daniel Crosby is joined by Jason Pereira, Partner and Financial Planner at Woodgate Financial. Jason is first...

Advisor Tech Talk (Week of 5/20/24)

Technology’s proliferation into wealth management is often viewed from a user experience perspective—we think of technology creative a better client or...