Bryce Catalyst is raising $100M in growth capital for software companies in cyber, legaltech and regtech


Houston, TX (OCTOBER 19, 2020) – Bryce Catalyst, a unique investment company focused on high growth sectors including: cyber security, legal technology and regulation technology, today announced its official launch for raising capital and unveiling of its new website (

Bryce Catalyst is poised to tap into companies in the US and Canada.  These targeted companies are anticipated to grow significantly over the next several years due, in part, to the disruption caused by the current global economy, COVID-19 and the opportunity to accelerate digital transformation.

“As operators for operators, we have an affinity for closely held and operator-owned companies with revenues under $10M and that are in need of growth capital and experienced operators,” said Cary Burch, President and CEO of Bryce Catalyst. “We seek to unlock the value of the businesses we invest in and provide access to our customer network and highly experienced operators to catapult each company into a high growth trajectory.”

Bryce Catalyst is raising $100 million through an SPV (special purpose vehicle) to invest into software companies. Demand for these companies is predicted to increase over the next several years. In anticipation for the capital raise and demand, Bryce Catalyst has several pre-vetted investments in its pipeline.

“Our strategy is to drive value creation and build strategically valuable and enduring companies.” said Burch. “We couldn’t be more excited about our pipeline of opportunities, our awesome team of operators and our collective focus on maximizing shareholder value.”

Bryce Catalyst has entered into a strategic, broker-dealer partnership with Entoro Capital, a technology-enabled global investment bank and broker-dealer. As part of the collaboration, Bryce Catalyst will be using OfferBoard® to automate the offering process. OfferBoard®  is Entoro’s high-tech, investor portal that provides flexibility, convenience, transparency and security for investors while increasing engagement and streamlining the entire process after signing an NDA.

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About Bryce Catalyst

With headquarters in Houston and virtual offices in San Diego, Menlo Park, Denver, Tampa and Salt Lake City, Bryce Catalyst is a unique investment company with a focus on high growth sectors including cyber security, legal technology and regulation technology. Bryce Catalyst is managed by highly recognized software operators with proven track records of growing software & technology enabled companies. As operators for operators, we have an affinity for closely held and operator-owned companies; and believe that beyond profits, aligned interests and a shared purpose are true measures of a successful partnership. For additional information, visit

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