Willow and Blockchange Partner on Digital Asset SMA

The new Willow Separately Managed Account leverages Blockchange's BITRIA Digital TAMP to expand access to the humanitarian and social value of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. and SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ADCM, DBA Willow, a registered investment advisor focused on socially and environmentally responsible wealth management is partnering with Blockchange Inc, the digital asset management platform for professional wealth managers, to launch a Separately Managed Account (SMA) option for digital assets. The new Willo Crypto SMA will allow individual investors and other RIA firms to participate in digital assets, with Willow bringing their expertise in ESG and sustainable investing to manage the asset allocations and client onboarding process.

Willow, (a certified B-Corporation and certified WBE – Women’s Business Enterprise) believes digital assets present a unique opportunity that fits firmly within the pillars of ESG (environmental, social, governance) thinking and sustainable investing. Distributed ledgers and smart contract technology enabled by blockchains unlock the potential for massive disruption and innovation across nearly all areas of business and society – an opportunity not seen since the internet era. 

“The potential for this technology to create fairer more transparent markets, disintermediate entire industries, and challenge current power dynamics to give voice to more people, all stand to benefit humanity,” said Alexandra Dest, Willow’s CEO. “The social benefits these systems can provide through allowing more participation, more equitable distribution, and permanent immutable proof are inspiring and encourage us to continue to look for opportunities in this nascent space. We’re excited to leverage our knowledge to partner with investors and advisors who share our vision.”

Willow Crypto manages the new SMA, leveraging Blockchange’s BITRIA Digital Turnkey Asset Management Platform to onboard clients and manage portfolio allocations, with all assets custodied by Gemini Trust Co. The SMA enables RIAs to outsource the management of their client’s digital portfolios to Willow, who have specific expertise in digital assets and ESG.

“Our investment thesis focuses on three main areas,” said Paul Farella, Willow’s Managing Director. “The first is ‘mindshare’, where we invest in assets and projects that have a high level of adoption and traction, such as bitcoin and ethereum. The second is ‘agnostic blockchain infrastructure’ – projects like Chainlink that actively address blockchain issues like scaling, interoperability, and security. The third is ‘useful use cases’ – projects in the DeFi (decentralized finance) space like Uniswap and Synthetix that bring new efficiencies to market, solve real-world problems, disintermediate legacy systems, and create a fairer, more connected world.”

“We’re excited to have Willow join our network of SMA partners,” commented Dan Eyre, CEO of Blockchange. “Willow represents a shifting paradigm in the investment landscape towards environmentally and socially sustainable investments, and digital assets have tremendous potential to enrich this ecosystem. We believe in Willow’s mission and are thrilled to provide our technology to such a purpose-driven organization.”