Launches Investing Discovery and Competitive Intelligence Trading Platform to Empower Next-Gen Investors

New Invest-Tech emerges from Beta, on a mission to deliver competitive advantage to investors of all skill levels

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TAMPA, FL — April 27th, 2021 —, (vigtec) a new consumer-focused investing discovery platform, emerged from Beta today, offering among the fastest real-time market data flows available, and determined to deliver affordable investing resources for all. The platform, accessible for free online and via the iOS App Store, provides a forum for advanced traders to offer custom alerts, algorithms, market indicators, and content channels on a subscription basis, effectively creating a Roblox-like Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) environment. vigtec also brings a powerful research and investor education platform for the casual investor to expand their knowledge base and raise their game.   

vigtec groups users into three categories: Explorers, Investors, and Traders.   

·        “Explorers” are typically “investing curious” and are encouraged to use the platform to learn about investing, create watchlists and have fun increasing their “trading IQ” in a safe environment that does not require putting actual assets at risk. Exploring is further encouraged by way of interactive games that offer a chance to win real cash prizes.     

·        “Investors” are professional money managers (RIAs, CFAs, CFPs, etc.) looking for advanced markets insights, which they can then use to better inform their own asset allocations and portfolio construction.  

·        “Traders” are advanced investing tacticians looking for competitive advantage and intelligence with regard to advanced investing vehicles, accessing vigtec’s world-class data stream to build their own algos, alerts, indicators, and content channels – or purchase subscription access to pre-built configurations.   

“vigtec was built to empower the future generations of investing, to offer a powerful educational resource for those who want to learn, while simultaneously offering the skilled financial pros and elite traders access to as much competitive advantage as they can handle,” said Jonathan Gibbons, founder, vigtec. “If Spotify and Roblox had a baby and raised it in the house of Reddit – that’s vigtec. We’re gathering and making available data flows that have historically been available only to a select few.”   

vigtec believes that the unprecedented investor activity and engagement in the markets since early 2020 is here to stay; in fact, they believe the next generation of investor learns by “explorification” – the process of learning by doing and discovering on their terms. The platform is designed to give next-gen investors the tools – intelligence, data, and educational resources – they need to make smarter decisions with their money and identify appropriate investing opportunities. 

Unlike many of today’s investing apps, the vigtec team understands that investors’ sophistication levels vary, especially among those who are self-directed. The platform enables fledging investors to learn the basics through gamification and paper trading, while more experienced investors access more advanced features available in the vigtec Marketplace. The marketplace features a library of alerts, algorithms, indicators, and proprietary content channels built by experienced quants and members of vigtec’s Creator Suite. 

vigtec’s core features include:  

·        Real-Time Exchange Data: Access more than 1 billion U.S. stock, ETF, mutual fund, options, and futures data in real-time – with no delays. 

·        Dynamic Security Comparisons: Compare stocks, ETFs and mutual funds in similar categories, industries, and sectors using the vSCORE – vigtec’s proprietary scoring system for evaluating securities – to find actionable investment opportunities.  

·        Algorithm-Powered Live Charting: Monitor market structure levels, auction price gaps, liquidity and volume flows, and momentum patterns; plus, with the ability to cross-reference price action against options market data, vigtec brings a whole new charting experience for market participants.   

·        Customizable, Interactive Watchlists: Track, filter, and organize security lists with integrated scoring, unlimited algorithmic alerts, and real-time market movement updates. 

·        Next-Gen Market Indicators: Analyze deep data quickly and easily with prebuilt indicators that track market impacting trends such as Gamma Exposure (GEX), Volatility, Trading Range Index (TRIN), Advance/Decline, Max Pain, Options Flows, and much more. 

vigtec’s mobile and web apps are just the beginning of their product roadmap as they plan to continue adding to more data and functionality to the platform, in addition to building out the marketplace. In the coming months, vigtec will roll out its OptionsMatrix app, Android availability and an upgraded iOS experience. To stay-up-to date on all of the latest from the vigtec team, subscribe to the newsletter, The Juice

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About is a consumer-focused investing discovery platform with a mission to deliver a competitive advantage to next-gen investors of all skill levels. The platform is a Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) that provides a forum for advanced traders to offer custom alerts, algorithms, market indicators, and content channels on a subscription basis to their followers. In addition to advanced tools, new investors use vigtec for its powerful research, games, and investor education resources to practice investing and learn how to make smarter, more data-driven investment decisions. If you’re a fan of the markets and investing, you’ll love vigtec! Check us out at to get started for free, and experience the world of investing, at the next level.