REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Roman DBDR Merges with CompoSecure to Debut Arculus™ in Digital Asset Technology Push


Sarson Funds, Inc.

Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DBDR) (“Roman DBDR”) is a tech acquisition company focused on partnering with young companies that seek to be leaders in the next generation of technology. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies gain widespread validation and acceptance across global industries, the digital asset ecosystem has been identified by Roman DBDR as an emergent sector of technology that demands attention. Roman DBDR’s recognition of blockchain and digital assets as a potentially lucrative investment and innovation opportunity has prompted them to merge with CompoSecure, an industry leader in the design and production of premium financial cards, to debut Arculus™, a next-generation cryptocurrency cold storage wallet.

Composecure leverages 20 years of industry leadership in payment card technology and security to engineer the future of cold storage technology for digital assets. Recalling the commonly-referenced phrase, “Not your keys not your coins,” private key ownership is what enables the transfer of digital assets; if a digital asset owner does not manage their own private keys, then the assets are not fully theirs. Cold storage gives digital asset holders full ownership of their tokens by equipping them with secure digital asset storage hardware. As the digital asset ecosystem matures, Roman DBDR and CompoSecure have broken into the digital asset space by using their expertise in financial card products to build a cold storage financial card that stores the private keys of users’ digital assets securely offline.

Current market leading cold storage products equip large, USB-like technology that can be complicated to use and store safely while on the go. Arculus™ modernizes cold storage procedures with a premium payment card and a digital application with live connection to retail crypto markets that helps Arculus™ users more comfortably store, send, purchase and trade their digital assets all in one place. Arculus™ also equips cloud storage to help mitigate the risk of loss, and employs three-factor authentication to better guarantee user identification before access to the mobile wallet is permitted.

Roman DBDR’s partnership with Composecure highlights a natural progression for Roman’s tech acquisition strategy by entering the digital asset space. Focused on emergent technology opportunities, Roman’s partnership with CompoSecure positions both companies well to fill the demands of a market eager to adopt dynamic cold storage and management technology. While innovation soars for the evolution of digital assets themselves, cold storage technology is often overlooked as an advantageous parallel. 

Sarson Funds believes that cold storage security is an essential element to the evolution and universal adoption of digital assets. We seek to provide best-in-class digital asset resources for our community on the most cutting-edge innovations and developments in the digital asset space, and believe our community must be well-equipped to practice safe digital asset security as the technology matures.

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