DWN Op-Ed: Inflation? Shortages? Pandemic? Financial Markets? Maybe Psychedelics Could Help


Before all the inevitable 2022 predictions start pouring out and confusing everyone, let’s focus on how to calmly analyze all these forthcoming “brilliant” thoughts. How? Perhaps the best way might be with the use psychedelics or fungi, better thought of as mushrooms.

Unlocking the power of psychedelics might very well help “see through” all the noise in the financial markets. Or, at least, recognize the fact that you should never (EVER) pay attention to Federal Reserve economic forecasts. So if the past year has been stressful it might make sense to calm yourself before 2022 rings in.

Most people probably have heard of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which includes symptoms like insomnia, hyper-vigilance and isolation. But that sounds very much like PTFSD (post-traumatic FINANCIAL stress disorder) that has been prevalent all year and may be an even bigger issue in 2022. Insomnia? Can’t sleep because you’re worried whether tech stocks will hold up, if Bitcoin will go to $100K (or zero) or if the Fed will raise rates? Hyper-vigilance? Eyes glued to the computer screen, constantly scanning Twitter or Reddit? Isolation? Feel like you are all alone trying to sort things out? Yup, you may have PTFSD.

Now, to be really clear, I AM CERTAINLY NOT advocating any types of drugs to cope with investment/trading decisions (but hey, ever been short a meme stock when the Reddit gang hits?).

This is a tongue-in-cheek piece after all, and simply meant to provoke thought.

But, studies of MDMA, ketamine, psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics have shown tremendous potential for therapeutic applications that MAY include PTFSD. So, could mushrooms and psychedelics be of help for a devastating mental injury, like being short in a constant bull market? Long Bitcoin when it crashes 80%? No, PTFSD won’t be helped with drugs.

BUT, just saying, when you see all the 2022 economic/investment predictions (coming to your inbox soon), keep in mind many of those “brilliant” predictions may have been made while on mushrooms, or the like. Certainly that just has to be what the Fed has been on for years (and makes perfect sense) in managing monetary policy. What else could be the possible explanation?

Clear your head and get ready for 2022. PTFSD is just a figment of your imagination.