Advisor Tech Talk: 1/4/22


Advisors and wealth managers have set their sights on growth in 2022 across carve-outs, hiring, product innovation, and education. Meanwhile, one of the world’s largest asset managers has suffered a tech failure, leaving customers unable to access their accounts when they needed to the most. Below is a roundup of the latest press releases. 

  • Apella Capital: “Apella Capital, LLC, a financial advisory and wealth management firm serving individuals, families, and businesses, announced Metrist Wealth Advisors, an RIA firm headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore., has joined the firm. Metrist brings over $130 million in AUM to Apella Capital. The Metrist team provides clients with financial planning, portfolio creation, asset management, and income management. In addition to leveraging Apella’s practice management tools and technology, Metrist will also be tapping into Apella’s lead generation engine via the widely listened to podcast, ‘Talking Real Money.’”  
  • BitMEX: “Crypto exchange BitMEX is pleased to welcome Rupertus Rothenhaeuser as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). As CCO, Rupertus will spearhead BitMEX’s ‘Beyond Derivatives’ plan to expand into spot, brokerage, custody, information products, and establish BitMEX Academy. In particular, he is responsible for developing the exchange’s global client relationships, overseeing the commercial success of its expanding range of products, and growing BitMEX’s market share in the hyper-competitive crypto space. Reporting directly to BitMEX’s CEO, Alexander Höptner, Rupertus started his new role on Jan. 1 and will be based in Asia.” 
  • GAMCO Investors: “GAMCO Investors announced that it will launch the Gabelli Asset ETF on or about Jan. 3, 2022. This team-managed fund, like its predecessor, Love Our Planet and People, will not incur any fees or expenses for the first $25 million of the Fund’s assets under management…The fund will seek to identify and invest in leading firms that design, develop, support, or manufacture automation equipment, related technology, software or processes, and firms that use these to automate and increase productivity in their own businesses…The fund evaluates the entire ecosystem of components and technology providers that support the reshaping and upgrading of global production networks and that address tight labor markets and productivity challenges worldwide.” 
  • RFG Advisory: “RFG Advisory, an innovative and fast-growing platform for independent advisors, goes live from its headquarters in Birmingham to present the second in a series of Masterclass virtual events for advisors. ‘Future Proof Your Business: Insights from a Behavioral Finance Expert’ features Daniel Crosby, Ph.D. Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, broadcasting live from the RFG Advisory Podcast Studio on Jan. 12, 2022 from 2:00-3:30 PM CST.” 
  • Vanguard: Vanguard, one of the largest asset managers in the world, suffered a website outage over the holidays that is seemingly still causing problems, leaving customers unable to access their accounts, according to reports. According to CNBC, some customers were unable to receive trade confirmations in the final days of 2021. The forum has documented some of the user experiences, one of whom was not able to log onto Vanguard as of Jan. 3, receiving the following message from Vanguard customer support: “We’re experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. You can reach out to our client services team for more help.”  

Source: Twitter