EPISODE 50: NFTs at the Center of Data, Community, Culture and Geopolitics


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Episode 50 – NFTs at the Center of Data, Community, Culture and Geopolitics

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest, Jahon Jamali, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Sarson Funds, discuss how tokenization and NFTs are impacting everything from art, psychology and society to media, real estate, geopolitics and world events like the Canadian government suspending bank accounts and targeting crowdfunding & cryptocurrency platforms. Highlights include:

  • The process of tokenization and the emergence of NFTs explained;
  • The most consequential NFT artists of the Digital Renaissance;
  • When art and math meet;
  • How a Florida home is set to become the first piece of real-estate in the nation to be sold as a non-fungible token;
  • How NFTs enable us to capture a piece of history;
  • The unintended consequences of Canadian authorities freezing bank accounts and centralized crypto wallets;
  • Will Biden’s imminent Executive Order follow Trudeau’s lead?
  • Why the real national security risk is not cryptocurrencies, rather it is the lack of understanding digital assets.