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Friends, we hope you enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day, a day when I can’t help but reflect on the sacrifice made by so many for our country and feel such gratitude.  In the meantime, this week’s newsletter is again chock full of SUCH IMPORTANT INFO for – and news coverage of – the digital wealth sector! READ UP! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher

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Financial Literacy in America: We Must Act Now
Financial literacy, or financial education, directly correlates to making sound financial decisions that help one manage & grow wealth

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/31/23)
In this week’s column on digital wealth the world over, we cover news from MasterCard, Digital Currency Group & the SEC, amongst others

Advisor Tech Talk (5/31/23)
This week in Avisor Tech Talk, we dive into the latest wealthtech industry news from AdvisorCheck, LPL & tru Independence, plus more

Decentralized Diaries For The Week of 5/31/23
Bitcoin Rebounds From 26k, a Bull Rally is Possible, Bitfinex Refuted Media Watchdog Security Allegations & Solana Unveiled a ChatGPT Plugin, etc.

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (5/24/23)
This week, our top 5 VC deals in digital wealth came to us from Worldcoin, PhonePe, Episode Six, Open Fin & FLOWX.AI


STANDARD DEVIATIONS PODCAST: Derek Hagen – Working with Change-Resistant Clients
This week on the Standard Deviations podcast, Dr. Daniel Crosby is joined by Derek Hagen, founder of Money Health Solutions®️, a financial therapy and life planning firm

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: The Future of Agency Featuring Mark PfaffMark Pfaff, Adam Holt, and Derek Notman discuss how and where advisors canupgrade their skills and much more

Thought Leadership

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Onboarding the Next 100 Million Crypto Users With Web3 Gaming
Game Economies are something few understood 10 years ago, but are now the backbone of the user experience for almost all genres of games Illuminations: Cure Your Pain with a Single Pane
Whether it’s investors, advisors, or home offices, everyone in the Wealth Management value chain seeks an elegant, simple solution for their needs

MARTECH MINUTES: The 411 on Advisor Content Marketing
Content marketing is an effective way to establish credibility for advisors while creating trust between them & their clients & prospects

The Taylor Market Report (5/30/23)
One would think that with the U.S teetering on the cusp of defaulting on its debt and the general mood “blah,” financial markets would be doing something. But no.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Celebrating the 2023 Winners
A back office hero is someone who ensures the behind-the-scenes work is taken care of in a wealth management firm – meet this year’s winners

Blockchain Education for Everyone (BEE)

Blockchain Education for Everyone (BEE) is Born – A Program Overview

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Dr. Michelle Aldrich
Dr. Michelle Aldrich is the state career and technical education director for the Wyoming Department of Education. DWN had the chance to sit down with Dr. Aldrich in early March to talk about her involvement in the”Blockchain Education for Everyone” (BEE) Initiative being developed for America’s high school and community college students.


Ronald Blue Trust Partners with TIFIN Wealth to Launch BlueGive Donor-Advised Fund Platform

Fintech Quote of the Week

“The future of financial services depends largely on extracting value from unstructured data by deploying AI. Many financial services businesses still struggle to effectively leverage the potential from using Machine Learning for data analytics.” – Efi Pylarinou | Pylarinou Advisory

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