Fintech Real Estate Firm Launches Training Series for Commercial Realtors

Real Estate Education

The Los Angeles-based fintech real estate investment firm, Leap Analytics, recently launched an educational training series for commercial Realtors. The new program focuses on how commercial real estate clients can utilize Home Equity Agreements (HEAs) to drive future growth by activating capital locked in commercial real estate investments.

“HEAs are still relatively new to the finance industry, but they are gaining in popularity, in part due to rising interest rates and inflation pricing homeowners and investors out of the loan market,” said Ashley Bete, Leap’s Founder and CEO. “These (vehicles)allow someone to tap into the equity of their home, investment property or commercial building in exchange for an upfront cash payment that can be used to achieve a financial goal, such as purchasing … another investment property.”

The new Leap program provides online, on-demand and in-person training for commercial real estate agents — with individuals and through larger firms — on how small business owners and homeowners can leverage the equity in their existing properties for growth. According to a release the start-up will educate and train commercial agents on a particular product in its portfolio, the Leap Revive, which is designed to support the capital needs of small businesses over a period of 10 months to three years.

Nancy Cooper of 4-Sure Realty Group in California, has participated in these sessions and noted that gathering more information about HEAs and other non-loan capital programs have “opened the door for several of my clients to consider a broader range of opportunities to expand their holdings by leveraging their captive equity.”

“This new vehicle provides incredible access to growth for my clients and the communities in which they work,” she concluded.

Last year Leap launched a general financial literacy program for potential homeowners and web-based video series aimed to help home buyers prepare for every step of the home purchase process.