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Election 2024. Is a Gray Swan Really a Black Swan in Disguise?

WARNING: This article is rated PG-13.  It is NOT meant to be political and may best be read with a cold bottle of vodka...

Reality. Will AI and the Digital World Be Able to Deal With It?

It worked. All is good. The Fed got inflation down to exactly 2% without damaging the economy. In tandem, corporations and businesses lowered prices...

What a Difference a Year Makes. Or Does It?

It's the week of President's Day. By the way, they come every year. Yay! Which got me to looking back to last year's P-Day and...

A Black Swan in Gray Feathers?

Worries? There are none. Concerns? Not so much. It is said that financial markets climb a "wall of worry," but if nobody is worried,...

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: How Advisors Can Seize the Volatility Opportunity

In the past four months, investors and their portfolios have been dealt with a blow of volatility—but advisors have plenty of tools to reach out and help them.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Why Now Is a Crucial Time to Talk About Risk, Part 1

2022 seems like a risky year. Yet many investors still struggle to come to terms with the concept of risk, said Daniel Crosby recently on his Standard Deviations podcast from Orion Advisor Solutions.

The Taylor Market Report (10/24/23)

Just in case you may not have noticed........a new bear market in stocks is now underway. Very stealthy at first. Realize that before all your neighbors do.

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 10/23/23

  SBF's dreams were big. So former friends and associates say and testify. Former employees of Ethereum's largest firm sued ConsesnSys CEO Joseph Lubin and Tether's new...

The Taylor Market Report (10/17/23)

S&P 500 and equities are continuing to expect both strong earnings AND a Fed easing. However, ignoring world events plus interest rates NOT easing will result in a HUGE disappointment to investors.

Which News is News?

This is getting hard. Which news is the news that matters? Is news of just a week or so ago, and news of a week or...