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MARTECH MINUTES: Bad Economy? Increase Your Advisor Marketing

Digital Wealth News recently met with Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, to gain her insights into what wealth industry organizations should be doing regarding marketing in a slow economy.

MARTECH MINUTES: Why a Slow Economy is the Best Time to Increase Your Marketing

When a sluggish economic period sets in, many businesses swiftly resort to playing safe, which commonly means scaling back or halting marketing initiatives.

MARTECH MINUTES: How Compliant MarTech Increases Advisors’ Bottom Lines

When it comes to marketing, it's a combination of science & technology that must combine to produce results. In the finserv industry, CMOs & marketers are changing how they manage marketing technology.

As Markets Evolve, RIA Firms Can Utilize Alts to Increase Enterprise Value

By Steven Brod For years, recurring and predictable revenues were among the biggest advantages that the fee-based side of the wealth management industry (including Registered...

Financial Advisors Increasing With Younger Generations

Overall, the results proved that younger people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to secure their financial foundations better...

DWN Publisher Notes For 6/19/24

Friends, have you considered voting for an AI for Congress?  Well, it's happening in the UK for a Parliament seat.  Meanwhile, we saw a MASSIVE $650M funding in the financial research sector this past week. The news continues, even during the "slow" summer months...READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/18/24)

The industry shifted from embedded integrations to partnerships. Unveiled solutions (also) had a utility focus, solving customer-related problems (seamlessly). Headlines to take note of: The...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 6/18/24

Industry ups and downs continued as simmering regulatory actions showed a slight slowdown. That said, safety is (still) an issue with rising security concerns. The...

Advisor Tech Talk (Week of 6/18/24)

It’s probably not happening in 2024, and thus, advisors should breathe a sigh of relief.  As consumers continue to explore fintech and...

FINTECH NEWS: How Technology Is Propelling Success in Multi-Family Offices

Recent Federal Reserve data indicates that the top 10% of families account for almost three-quarters of U.S. wealth. These affluent families have complex wealth management needs.