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The Next “Hot” Digital Asset Sector? The Secret is Out: Tokenization

You heard it here first. Well, actually we have been "preaching" tokenization of assets since late 2016 when...

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: What is Tokenization and Why Does It Matter In Real Estate?

Real estate tokenization continues to grow. according to a Moore Global report in August 2021. Tokenization can simplify the very complex nature of real estate investing through blockchain technology. 

Tokenization is Making Real Estate Assets Highly Liquid

By Rohit Tandon The age-old advice for real estate investing must evolve. It is true...

Could Tokenization Save “The One?”

"The One" sits on 3.8 acres, its elevated position allows for 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel Mountains. The main home is surrounded on three sides by a moat (but no alligators) and spans 105,000 square feet—the master bedroom alone is 5,500 square feet and has a patio with a swimming pool and hot tub that overlook the city.

REAL CLEAR CRYTPO: Why Gradual Institutionalization Could Rapidly Accelerate Tokenization Of The World

According to John Sarson, CEO and co-founder of Sarson Funds, a crypto asset manager and information resource for advisors, there’s strong evidence that institutions are in the crypto space to stay.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Tokenization Will Turn The Real Estate Market Upside-Down

“Tokenization, an innovation built on blockchain technology, is making its way from cryptocurrencies to real assets,” said John Sarson, CEO and co-founder of Sarson Funds, a provider of digital asset management and cryptocurrency education resources for financial advisors. “The impact could be revolutionary.”

Tokenization is Giving Small Investors Access to Multi-Million Dollar Assets

The idea of an average investor being able to afford a luxury car, fine art or even a Class A real estate property has previously been thought to be unattainable. However, tokenization is revolutionizing the investment process by...

Tokenization Can Make Real Estate Assets Highly Liquid

The age-old advice for real estate investing must evolve. It is true that in real estate the imperative is “location, location, location.” But now we must add to that mantra “liquidity, liquidity, liquidity.” It is time to modernize the real estate industry -- it’s time for tokenization.

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 6/11/24

The industry settled in with ongoing legislative discourses at the fore. However, things are far from settled, with the November elections looming over everything....

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/4/24)

Last week, there was a marked shift towards innovation, with ideas taking over the space. That said, there were higher cases of regulation which...