EPISODE 45: Everything Investors Need to Know About Blockchain Venture Investing


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Episode 45 -Everything Investors Need to Know About Blockchain Venture Investing

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Rob Frasca, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of COSIMO Ventures, the world’s first tokenized evergreen blockchain venture fund, discuss everything investors need to know when it comes to blockchain venture investing – including where the greatest opportunities for appreciation exist. Highlights include:

  • How blockchain is really a “personal property revolution” and what that means;
  • Why “decentralized digital rights management” is such a big deal;
  • The alpha in blockchain venture investing;
  • The advantages of investing in networks (tokens) versus a company (equity);
  • How blockchain is democratizing the venture capital industry and giving retail investors a shot at blockchain unicorns;
  • Liquidity and secondary exchanges for trading VC investments;
  • Ways to access those coveted pre-listed tokens.