DWealth Muse Podcast: Banking in the Metaverse


DWealth Muse, with host Dara Albright, is a weekly podcast series on Digital Wealth News that bridges the knowledge gap between conventional and modern finance through original coverage of the tidal wave of technological and regulatory change headed to finance as it shifts to a digital, decentralized system.

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Episode 47 – Banking in the Metaverse

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest May Mahboob, co-founder of Meta Bank DeFi, discuss banking in the metaverse and the impact it will have on finance, education, healthcare, art, and even the real estate industry. Highlights include:

  • An introduction to the metaverse and web 3.0;
  • What Microsoft’s recent $69B acquisition of Activision says about the future of the metaverse;
  • Why the metaverse needs a bank;
  • The challenges that traditional banks will face transitioning to the metaverse;
  • How conventional real estate developers will profit in the metaverse;
  • How the metaverse will impact education and healthcare;
  • Taking the NFT world to the next level through immersive art;
  • The social impact of the metaverse.



About the DWealth Muse Podcast Series & Host Dara Albright:

Some are calling this transition the greatest financial transformation since civilization moved from a barter to a currency system. It is truly that momentous.

In these podcasts, Albright and key fintech influencers discuss how this financial transformation is impacting asset classes, investment portfolios, businesses, markets and economic policy.

Albright and guests deliver insights and leading-edge information to listeners in lively conversations that make this complex topic fascinating to learn and easy to grasp so that investors and businesses, alike, can capitalize on this monumental change.   

Specific areas of coverage include:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • The Democratization of Finance (DemFi)
  • Digital Assets, Blockchain-based Assets and Cryptocurrencies
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Security Token Offerings and Exchanges
  • Exempted Fintech Alternatives
  • Modern Liquid Alternatives
  • Wealthtech
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Fintech Savings Apps

You can listen to all Dara’s podcasts at this link: https://dwealth.news/podcast/