EPISODE 70: The Once in Humanity Opportunity to Create the Decentralized Metaverse


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EPISODE 70 – The Once in Humanity Opportunity to Create the Decentralized Metaverse

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Mike Weiksner, co-founder and CEO of Pocketful of Quarters (aka POQ), the only cross-game microtransaction solution on the blockchain, discuss this once in humanity opportunity to create the decentralized metaverse and unlocking the trillions of dollars of opportunity in the microtransaction space. Highlights include:

  • How blockchain enables game currency interoperability which solves the main problem of conventional gaming;
  • How POQ’s SEC No-Action letter for game tokens can foster the growth of the Participate-2-Earn economy;
  • How unifying the free-to-play game economy unlocks trillions of dollars in new incremental revenue opportunity;
  • How NFTs are being used for affinity marketing;
  • How DAOS empower we-the-people to create the metaverse as opposed to a centralized entity like facebook;
  • The future of gaming.