Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Putting the Advisor First – An Accelerating Curve Featuring Dave Karr


Does the home office know what’s happening in the field? Join us as we explore this topic with financial advisor turned chairman of Equitable Advisors, Dave Karr. We dive into advisor-first mentality vs. firm first mentality, what the future holds for our profession with insights from the home office, and the increasing demand for great advisors and what companies like Equitable are doing to attract and support them.

Dave, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • How strong advisors who are really connected to their clients hold all the cards
  • Clients have never had higher expectations from their advisor
  • A great deal of support and infrastructure is needed for advisors to thrive, how are advisors going to put together their people, process, and tech?
  • The holistic approach is how we best serve our clients and advisors (life coaching program partnership between Equitable and Columbia university)
  • Recognizes the expectations of end consumers as the key: Regular and frequent basis for communication
  • And lots more!