DWealth Muse Podcast Series: Episode 24 – The Tezos Blockchain and its Quiet Rise to Industry Dominance


DWealth Muse is a podcast series on Digital Wealth News that bridges the knowledge gap between conventional and modern finance through original coverage of the tidal wave of technological and regulatory change headed to finance as it shifts to a digital, decentralized system.

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Episode 24 – The Tezos Blockchain and its Quiet Rise to Industry Dominance

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest, Kevin Mehrabi, an expert in decentralized financial instruments on the Tezos blockchain, discuss how the Tezos blockchain is quietly gaining industry dominance and what that could mean for DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs and institutional investors. Highlights include:

  • The appealing governance structure of the Tezos Blockchain;
  • How the Tezos Blockchain may be the way forward for DeFi;
  • Some of the DeFi projects launching on the Tezos blockchain;
  • TezFin and decentralized lending;
  • How DeFi lending removes many of the prejudices that have plagued traditional lending systems;
  • The staggering yields investors are receiving through Defi lending;
  • The catalyst that could take Tezos mainstream;
  • How Tezos has benefitted from the NFT boom;
  • What Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent remarks on stablecoins could mean for DeFi;
  • Why financial institutions, in particular, are gravitating towards Tezos;
  • Reasons behind Tezos’ incredible 2021 contract call and user growth;
  • Guestimates on when Tezos’ market value will catch up to its fundamentals;
  • Guestimates on when Tezos will challenge Ethereum for the DeFi dominance.