Episode 36: The Economic Impact of the Imminent InterGENDERational Wealth Transfer


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Episode 36 – The Economic Impact of the Imminent InterGENDERational Wealth Transfer

In this episode, DWealthMuse host Dara Albright and Shari Noonan, CEO of Rialto Markets, discuss a recent report by McKinsey & Company predicting that, by the year 2030, American women will own much of the $30 trillion in financial assets possessed by baby boomers, and how this imminent “interGENDERational” wealth transfer will impact the economy, our public and private capital markets, RIAs and overall investment strategies. Highlights include:

• The industry sectors and types of businesses most poised to benefit from this interGENDERational wealth transfer;
• The present disparity between the total number of female-led businesses and the percentage of venture capital raised by female-led businesses;
• How the interGENDERational wealth transfer, coupled with technology and crowdfunding, are narrowing funding opportunity gaps;
• The disparate investing habits between males and females and its subsequent market impact;
• The economic advantages in having companies with more expansive and well-diversified cap tables;
• How the interGENDERational wealth transfer will trigger the intense retooling of RIAs;
• How digital securities will impact private markets.