EPISODE 65: The Many Ways that Blockchain will Improve the Healthcare System


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EPISODE 65 -The Many Ways that Blockchain will Improve the Healthcare System

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Michael Dershem, Founder and CEO at MAPay, LLC, discuss the many ways that blockchain is transforming healthcare and how individuals can participate in that transformation. Highlights include:

  • Blockchain use cases in healthcare;
  • How blockchain provides a higher level of care;
  • How blockchain can help ensure that more people are able to access healthcare;
  • How blockchain will change the way healthcare is paid for;
  • How patients will use blockchain to monetize their healthcare data;
  • How Bermuda has become a working sandbox for blockchain projects;
  • How blockchain-based healthcare may impact HIPAA laws;
  • Why insurance companies will see value in blockchain healthcare.