EPISODE 69: The SEC Versus the Cryptocurrency Industry


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EPISODE 69 – The SEC Versus the Cryptocurrency Industry

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Nick Morgan of ICAN, a nonprofit public interest law firm representing parties who cannot afford counsel in precedent setting Securities and Exchange Commission matters impacting barriers to entry to capital markets, discuss fighting back against regulatory overreach and why ruling by enforcement in the cryptocurrency industry could backfire on the Commission. Highlights include:

  • How uncontested settled lawsuits form unfair rules and discourage innovation;
  • Why protection in the form of prohibition favors the establishment;
  • How the SEC is making alternative investments more out of reach;
  • How narrowing the accredited investor rule harms underserved communities the most;
  • How the SEC’s case against Ripple could transform the cryptocurrency regulatory landscape;
  • What the SEC’s Insider Trading Case against Coinbase may reveal about security clarification.