Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Ignore Marketing Data at Your Own Peril Featuring Samantha Russell


Financial advisors rely on data to help their clients, but what happens when they ignore marketing data when it comes to growing their business?  The advice & investment management industry & profession is at a pivotal point since they are fungible and hard for consumers to differentiate one advisor from another.  There’s no longer an easy button for advisors to say they are a fiduciary, etc. to differentiate themselves.  Join us as we discuss this and more with special guest and marketing expert Samantha Russell.

Samantha, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • The pivotal moment for our industry

  • How there are lots of gaps on what clients are getting versus what they are looking for and expecting

  • What about your business is marketable?

  • Why Health & Wealth content is so much more interesting and consumable content for people than market updates

  • Bringing a more sensory experience to your clients with their money

  • Being the Canyon Ranch of financial wellness for your clients

  • And lots more!