Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Work-Life Balance for Financial Advisors? Featuring Dr. Travis Parry


Work-life balance for financial advisors is not a myth. A lot of advisors fall into the trap of working more than they should because that’s “the way it’s always been done.” But this doesn’t have to be the case.

In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman dig into work-life balance with special guest Dr. Travis Parry. Travis is a recovered financial advisor who has turned his professional and personal experiences into a thriving business to help financial advisors scale their business while also realizing an amazing balance.

Jump in and listen to the tragic event that Travis went through and how he turned it and his life into an amazing example of how to be successful without sacrificing your sanity!

Adam, Derek, and Travis discuss:

  • Travis’ personal & professional journey
  • Mistakes advisors make
  • Actionable tips to achieving better work-life balance
  • The “ego bomb” problem
  • And a ton more!