FINTECH & PHILOSOPHY w/ Cindy Taylor: Meet Michael Pinsker of Docupace


Welcome to my new Zoomcast series “Fintech & Philosophy“,
where we we explore the personal motivations that drive the
successes behind fintech’s top C-suite executives!

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In this episode, we’re joined by Michael Pinsker, Founder and President of Docupace Technologies.

Michael grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied math from a very young age. In 1991, he immigrated to the US, and turned that talent in mathematics towards focusing on technology and software development. After graduating from UCLA with Computer Science and Engineering degree, he co-founded a consulting firm specializing in workflow, imaging and document management services. He then went on to found Docupace in 2002, focusing on bringing the workflow and document management platform in a SAAS model, now focused on the Financial Services Industry.

In our discussion, we learned:

  • Michael founded Docupace as a SAAS-based wealthtech firm after he previously did consulting in workflow and document management. Hewanted to create a solution that offered the features he was looking for in his prior consulting practice, but with the mobility offered to users by being internet-based instead. This concept was still in its infancy in 2002.
  • Michael lives in the LA area, where his family originally emigrated to when they first left their home country of Ukraine as refugees in 1991.  His wife is also from Ukraine, but they met in California and have a 19 year old son together studying Data Science at the University of Michaigan.
  • Michael’s personal passions include table tennis (yes, ping pong – a first for our interviews), mentoring other emerging tech entrepreneurs and helping to establish a center to combat kidney disease, as his mother had to have a kidney transplant when he was younger.
  • Michael’s favorite mantra – “No Regrets”.  Listen to the podcast to learn why!

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