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Friends, what a week of swirling energies we all just lived thru with the US elections & the FTX debacle.  Now we move on to a new week with a look at the fallout from the FTX story, market liquidity questions and more…READ UP! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher

New thought leadership content this week…

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Crypto Screams for Regulation
The silver lining from the FTX bankruptcy is that we will get crypto regulation sooner than we were expecting

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Transition Advisors – Navigating The Broker Protocol
More than a third of advisors want more control over their business when going independent or switching their broker dealer Illuminations: When Finalizing your Budget, is the Client’s Voice Represented?
If the budget focus is right, everything else falls into place, especially for wealth management firms that need projected cost personalization at every level of operations

FINTECH CORNER: Compliance Audits Don’t Have to Be So Scary: Part 1
Preparing for an audit can be a labor-intensive task, requiring large amounts of preparation before the auditors step on the premises

HOSTED BY TIFIN: Ultra Blue Capital’s Algorithmic Fundamentals ETF (UBCB)
With more and more market data available today, it is critical that investors find ways to process and find meaning in that information. We sat down with Pouya Taaghol, PhD, Portfolio Manager at Ultra Blue Capital, to learn more about how they are using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help identify profitable U.S. large-cap companies with the best predicted expanding fundamentals across multiple sectors in their UBCB ETF. 

Bill Taylor of Entoro Investments updates us on the markets this past week and movement in BTC, ETH, gold and the S&P 500 in The Taylor Report (11/15/22). Says Taylor, “Even if (if) inflation moderates to, say 6%, it’s still too high. Interest rates would have to be 6%+ (7.5%?) to be “normal.” That’s not in the market. Rates are still going up…..and staying up.”

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We finish out the week with more great original content from the DWN editorial team, including the following posts…

Volatile Markets. Will the Fed Get Whipsawed?
A troubling statement came out of Washington recently.  US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she was “worried about a loss of adequate liquidity in the market”

The Week in Digital Wealth (11/16/22)
In this week’s column covering digital wealth the world over, we cover news from FV Bank, Tellus, Klarpay, Acrisure, and Finquest, amongst others

Advisor Tech Talk (11/16/22)
This week in Advisor Tech Talk, we dive into the latest wealthtech industry news from from Wahed, Skience, SEI, Rayze, Altruist and more

Decentralized Diaries For The Week of 11/16/22
Voyager Reopens Bidding Process After FTX’s Chapter 11 Filing, Ark Investment Management Adds to its Coinbase Stock Holdings & Aptos Collaborates with Google Cloud

EPISODE 74: How the Stars are Aligning Perfectly for Web3
In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest Susan Miller, world-renowned astrologer, author of 14 best-selling astrology books andnd founder of, discuss how the stars are aligning perfectly for decentralization, collaboration and everything Web3


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