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Greetings from Digital Wealth News™

Friends, notice anything different?  We’ve given Digital Wealth News a “facelift” with a brand new logo design, a new tagline (“Covering Digital Finance The World Over”) and a fresh new newsletter format, but all the same great content!  We hope you love it as much as we do! 

A little behind the scenes on how and why we did this….

With regard to our new logo, our inner circle often refers to Digital Wealth News as DWN.  We thought – why not let our readers in on our little secret, too, via our new logo?  Next – green – the color of money and abundance.  We almost ALWAYS use green in all our business logos for that exact reason – and the green we chose is fresh and “comfortable”.  Also, throughout the DWN website and our newsletter, you’ll notice we always use “sans serif” fonts.  No frills – just clean, beautiful lines – and that’s why we decided to continue that with the logo fonts.  Lastly, in all our prior business logos, we’ve had a symbol, but we just weren’t feeling it this time around.  We considered a block of color behind the letters, but “the publisher” got out-voted, so we went with the democratic method, and a beautiful new logo it is! 

And btw, we’ve heard that logo design firms can charge in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement new logo designs and take months if not years to complete, particularly if it’s a very large firm.  Or you can just roll with intuition and get it done, which is what we did here.  That’s the beauty of a small, nimble business.  

Here’s a comparison of the two…….


While we were at it, we thought “HEY, if we’re doing a logo change, let’s change up the newsletter, too”!  We loved our prior format, but we thought we’d try something entirely new.  We may well tweak it in the coming weeks, but for now, we have a new clean format for the newsletter as well.  In fact, we had planned to take a little longer to implement, but our AMAZING IT lead said, “hey, let’s just do it”, so we finished the design last week and we’re already launching this week.  That is a process that can take months – in our case – it was under a week – which is how we like to roll.  

And finally…..why now?  We had a little “health challenge” (understatement) hit our household over the summer.  It has already been overcome and in what many call “miraculous” time, but it woke us up MASSIVELY, as these things tend to do, and we decided to change up our business “decor” (and home decor as well) to reflect an entirely new HIGHLY CHARGED POSITIVE ENERGY.  So now, in the words of the famous Paul Harvey (I date myself), “you know the rest of the story”.

Or, more appropriately, in the words of our FAVORITE NEW COLLEGE COACH Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, “You either coming or you going.  WE COMING!”  And that’s our philosophy here at DWN as well!  


Now friends…….READ UP!! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher


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Practice Management


“There is no reason that the average investor should be left on the sidelines when it comes to fixed-income.” – Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex

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