Publisher Notes For 12/3/20


Holiday Greetings from Digital Wealth News™ !

Hoping this finds you and yours happy and healthy as we head into the Christmas and Hanukkah season!

We hope you had a meaningful Thanksgiving and found a way – whether socially distant – or seated next to your friends and kin – that worked best for you. Ours was a smaller celebration this year with 3 of us – my husband, our kitty and I. Turns out family comes in all shapes and sizes, some with fur and a tail.

MOVING ALONG, we have some great new posts this week, so read up:

We have a new Fintech Luminaries post with our friend Steve Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager who discusses how he followed his father’s footsteps in the accounting sector and then went on to start Voyager, a publicly-traded & licensed crypto agency broker, with Digital Wealth News.

In our sixth installment in our new series on the top 5 fintech VC deals for the past week, we saw one insurtech deal top $350M USD(!) this past week, along with three others who exceeded $100M. I scratched my head – thinking this would have been a slow week for VC closings due to Thanksgiving but then realized that it’s approaching the end of Calendar Year 2020, and there’s dry powder in “them ‘thar” VC vaults that has to be put to work.

Advisor Domain columnist Garrett Baldwin had a family emergency this week, so Marianna Shafir, Corporate Counsel and Regulatory Advisor at Smarsh, graciously stepped in last minute to guest author an outstanding piece (in under 3 hours) exploring the importance of email archiving in order to help protect one’s B/D from potential regulatory penalties.

And finally, this week we finish with the following leading editorial coverage in these original posts from the DWN editorial team for our 12/3/20 newsletter:

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