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Greetings from Digital Wealth News™ !

Friends, if I could sum up the week in two words, it would be this – CONTROLLED CHAOS.  We’re seeing it in markets, crypto, COVID (yet again) and we saw it this week as we put this newsletter together as well.  Yet in the end, the smart people adjust their game and transcend the chaos – in business and life. And we’re here to help you navigate through it all. READ UP!

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

New thought leadership content this week…

Wealthtech Insider: How Advisors Can Seize the Volatility Opportunity

In the past 4 months, investors & their portfolios have been dealing with volatility but advisors have plenty of tools to help them

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Addressing Volatility in Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrency is volatile by virtue of its design—it trades everywhere, around the clock, with millions of participants

MARKETING ADVICE: Four Types of Email Marketing Automation to Bolster Your Firm’s Outreach

Marketing automation allows businesses to target customers with automated messages across marketing channels like email, web & social media

Fintech Corner: Technology Can Bring An Enterprise Firm Together When Most Are Working Apart

For financial advisory firms to get their technology up-to-date at an institutional level will require some form of data Rosetta stone. Illuminations: The Internal Sale of Automation

While owners might want to implement tech at the enterprise level, effective automation drills down to solve problems for each stakeholder

Bill Taylor of Entoro Investments updates us on the markets this past week and movement in BTC, ETH, gold and the S&P500 in The Taylor Report (5/3/22). Says Taylor, “(P)repare and get ready for significant volatility. The downside is going to be major. Like I said last week, there may not be anywhere to “hide”.

We finish out the week with more great original content from the DWN editorial team, including the following posts…

The “Nifty Fifty?’ Where Are They Now & Why Does It Matter in 2022?
Now that financial markets have entered into bear market declines it might be time to take a look back at the 1970’s for historical reference

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/4/22)
Fed News & Market Impacts, NFTs,, Aon, Paypal, Charlie Munger’s BTC comments and more are covered in this week’s updates plus the “Fear & Greed Index”

Advisor Tech Talk (5/4/22)
This week in Advisor Tech Talk we cover news from Snappy Kraken, Envestnet, Pontera, Refinitiv & Onyx Advisor Network

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Digital Wealth (5/4/22)
This week, our top 5 VC deals in digital wealth came to us from OneFootball, Outfund, Starling Bank, Ox Fund & Certik

DWealth Muse Podcast: Enabling the Merits of Crypto While Mitigating the Risks
In this episode, DWealthMuse host Dara Albright and guest Chen Arad of Solidus Labs, which helps protect major crypto exchanges and their customers against market manipulation, discuss ways of enabling the merits of crypto while mitigating the risks


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