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Friends, wishing you a beautiful season with family & friends! While you bask in the holiday glow, we have new content on calculating ROI on automation, where crypto is headed next plus the top 10 tech tools for 2023. READ UP! | Cindy Taylor, Publisher

New thought leadership content this week… Illuminations: Automation & Calculating the Value
In a world where technology is making transformational changes in business, calculating ROI requires more than a simple equation

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: 10 Cutting-Edge Tech Tools That Can Upgrade Your Practice, Part 1
Orion’s experts share 10 next-generation upgrades to the company’s platform that will enhance the experience for investors & advisors

FINTECH CORNER: Here’s The Technology Lesson Wealth Firms Need To Learn
Providing financial advice is evolving into a profession as indispensable & rigorous as medicine & law, says Adrian Johnstone of Practifi

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Where does Crypto Go from Here?
2022 has been an eventful year for cryptocurrency, to say the least, and the industry experienced major trauma. A lot of this pain was self-inflicted and there are people to blame

Bill Taylor of Entoro Investments updates us on the markets this past week and movement in BTC, ETH, gold and the S&P 500 in The Taylor Report (12/20/22). Says Taylor, “Don’t worry, the Fed has a handle on inflation. Don’t worry, regulators will make sure your crypto investments will be safe. Don’t worry, the government is ready to help you. Rest well in 2023”

Digital Wealth News & The Wealth Mosaic (TWM) are partnering in a new research survey focused on the role & value of technology in the recruitment & retention of staff across US wealth management. The survey takes 3 to 4 minutes to complete, & results will be published in a whitepaper appearing later in Digital Wealth News & TWM.  PARTICIPATE THRU THIS LINKPARTICIPATE HERE

We finish out the week with more great original content from the DWN editorial team, including the following posts…

Investors Need To Be BEAR AWARE
Are investors today truly BEAR AWARE? Meaning truly understanding what a bear market is? It may take years, but this is a real bear market

Advisor Tech Talk (12/21/22)
This week in Advisor Tech Talk, we dive into the latest wealthtech industry news from Morningstar, Docupace, and Engageware to name a few

The Week in Digital Wealth (12/21/22)
In this week’s column covering digital wealth the world over, we cover news from Green Dot, Voyager Digital, EY & Morgan Stanley, amongst others

Decentralized Diaries For The Week of 12/21/22
Bitcoin prices Rose and then Fell, Mazars Group Terminated Links with Crypto Firms, Grayscale Plans 20% Refund to ETF Investors. plus more

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Is the USA still number one in financial advice?
In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman discuss with guest Bekithemba (Beki) Mafulela how the USA has led the global FA industry & profession but perhaps this is not the case anymore

VIDEO HOSTED BY TIFIN: Learn About Janus Henderson’s Net Zero Transition Resources ETF (JZRO)
Investors are learning that a decrease in global emissions can come with an increase in their AUM. We were joined by Tal Lomnitzer, Senior Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson Investors, to explain how their Net Zero Transition Resources ETF works toward its goal of achieving “net zero” carbon emissions through the decarbonization of the global economy, such as carbon reduction, energy transition, sustainable mobility, sustainable industry, and sustainable agriculture.


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